Ranking my Spanish website in Spain, but I'm based in Australia.

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Hello guys,
I hope you all doing well.

I have very important question I hope some of SEO experts can help me please, it will mean the world to me.

SO I'm trying to rank this clean,originally Spanish expired domain that I bought in Auction for big money.

I added a lot of original content, some keywords start ranking already without any backlinks as the website has huge authority and a lot of quality backlinks, so now I want to start building backlinks to get my keywords on the first page.

My question:
I'm a bit worry about installing Google analytics on my site as I will be using gmail account thats based in Australia as I had to use Australian phone number to verify the account.

What do you think? is it safe to do that ? (having google account based in Australia linked to website that I'm trying to rank in Spain)

I would really appreciate an accurate answer, if you are not sure or if you have never done it before, please don't give me any expectations, as I'm investing a lot of money in this project. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

The other question is:
I have bought couple of "new domains" and added some content, to add those domains to my PBN, just to mix up the link profile on my money site.

How long do you wait on new domain name before you build any backlinks? I've already added content and social profiles to the new sites, I just need to know when can I start building backlinks to them to power them up as they are new.

Thank you so much in advance, I'm looking forward to hear some opinions from experts.

Thank you
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    According my experience it is doesn't matter where your email is registered for analytics. I wish it make influence, in my case I am getting traffic from many locations that I don't want to.

    When it is the best to build back links I don't know. I believe earlier is better, you want your site be promoted. From experience, search traffic is proportional to number of backlinks, even with nofollow.
    Of coarse backlinks must be hight quality, form the sites that have something in common with your site
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    You can change the google analytics settings to rank in specific countries.
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    Best if hosting is in Spain and your backlinks come from spanish websites...
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    Hello, Wajdisawaqed!
    Doesn't matter that you are using email id which is registered in Australia. But if you still have any doubt regarding location then you can use Spain proxy servers for submission or for creating backlinks.
    Always try to insert your targeted location in Title and descriptions while creating backlinks.
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    Don't worry about linking your Spain-based website to an Australian based Gmail ID. It does not matter which Gmail ID you are linking with which country's' website.

    Go ahead without any worry and link it up.

    The google analytics will show you the data for the globe and not just Spain/Australia unless you put a setting to it.


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