Video Marketing Strategies And YouTube Marketing Tips For Blogging Part 3

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In part1 and part2, we have looked at essential tips regarding recording and optimizing your videos for SEO but in this part, we will look at tips regarding your video after you upload it.

Like blogging, you will not take a back seat after creating the content but you continue exercising hard work to have hordes of traffic to your video and eventually to your blog.

Placing your video on your Blog
In order to increase traffic to your video, you will need showing it to people already known to you. Besides this, make sure that your post titles match your video title in order to boost SEO to both your video and your blog.

You should do the same to your URLs and tags. Having your video on your blog post is not enough but you should as well provide a YouTube link since majority of the RSS feed readers will not play the video but the having link is necessary.

Unleash it onto Social networks
If you manage to get your targeted audience in your social media platforms, you should post links to your YouTube videos so that you give them an opportunity of viewing them.

You should give people reasons why they have to watch your video instead of telling them to just check your videos out. Let your tweets and posts be sensible and attention capturing in order to have them interested in your video.

In short, you should use your copywriting skills and you will have many interested in watching your video.

Consider utilizing the video response option
In order to enjoy higher YouTube exposure, you should use video response option. These are videos loaded as response to popular videos so that they can benefit from the large traffic and views enjoyed by the popular videos.

In order to add your video as a response to a popular video, do the following:
  • Find a video which is the most relevant to your response besides its popularity and highest views.
  • By clicking inside the comment field below the video, click on that "Attach Video" button.
  • Use either the "record video" button to directly record the response video or click the "choose video" button to use an already uploaded video.
For your video to start showing with that particular popular video, the owner of the original video must approve it least, there should be spam everywhere.

Chances of the owner approving it mostly depend on the relationship between your video and his/hers.

Annotations. This Has Evolved Overtime.Now Therez Even A Smarter Way Of Doing It Within Youtube Features
Not many people use annotations though they are very important. An annotation can be understood as an ugly title pop up appearing on top of a video and it has some text inside it.

Here below are steps involved in making annotations for your uploaded video.

i. Visit the "video" area to have a glance of your uploaded videos.

ii. After getting the video you wish to make annotations for, click on the annotation button.

iii. You can make multiple annotations using the timeline.

Although you can format the annotation to take shapes and colors of your preference, the text in them is what is essential. Annotations are to be used at the beginning and end of your video to call people to action besides persuading them to ether subscribe to leave a comment on your channel.

Video Thumbnails/Poster frame
A thumbnail is a picture showing up whenever your video shows up in YouTube. You should use a beautiful picture that will attract people to make more clicks because a dull picture will result to very low clicks.

The good news is that you have three options to help you in determining the look of your thumbnail.

The first option involves placing optimized pictures strategically within recorded videos so that YouTube captures them at the perfect time. How it works using some math:
  1. X is given by the video length in seconds.
  2. Y is given by X dived by 4 and it should be in seconds too. Y gives us the first thumbnail.
  3. The second thumbnail is give 2 times y. This is in seconds.
  4. The third thumbnail is given by 3 times y. Given in seconds too.
It is true that this may be too much to accomplish for others hence; you can go to the "edit" section and select the most appealing option instead of struggling to put your pictures in a strategic manner.With all these tips from part1 all the way to part3, I am sure you will have a thrilling video marketing experience.


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