Does Parking A Domain Name Harm Future SEO For That Domain Name?

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I have a bunch of domain names that are not currently active and one website that is active. In my cPanel, for some of these domains I have used the option to "Park" them.

I noticed that parking a domain in cPanel appears to redirect it to the primary active site.

So if someone types in, loads and displays in the URL bar.

I did not necessarily intend to forward one to the other, just to park it for later use.

I saw something online about cPanel parking automatically implementing a 301 redirect. Is that true and if so, will it prevent Google from indexing if in the future I make it a separate site?

A better example might be "" parked at "". If you were to unpark "" and make a separate site with unique content about tomatoes that does not exist at, would it get indexed or would the parking have made it forever ignored as a 301 permanent redirect by Google?

I can't imagine it would never be usable again, but just wanted to see if anyone knew the answer.


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