Keywords dropped down suddenly?

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guys i need help for my keywords....

some of my keywords comes on top like 5,6,7 rank .....but suddenly it dropped down till 50,60 positions.what is the reason behind that...this time i am totally feed up...what to do ..

if anyone has solution for it then give me answer plsss..
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    Google Algorithms daily updates this might be the main reason, my sites are also suffering these days.
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    Hi hotmail10,

    There are many possible causes.

    When you see all or multiple keywords drop in ranking simultaneously it is a sign of a possible website performance issue.

    Are your monitoring your web app performance? Have there been periods of web server down time, or periods of slow page load speed? Look for issues in web server performance.

    You need to start the process of analyzing your marketing data. Look at anything that changed recently.

    Do you have Google Search Console linked up to your Google Analytics account?

    If so, use your Google Analytics data and look for correlations in your marketing analytics and your Search Console data.

    Did you run a link building campaign that may have triggered a web spam filter?

    Did you change on-page elements like page titles, meta description snippets, page headlines add or change large images, or the alt text for those images?

    By the way, how long were you on those page one listings? Were they recently attained, or have they been there for many months? It could simply be the normal QDF effect.

    Also, is this a blog that changes content with each new blog post? If so, you can expect wildly fluctuating rankings due to constant changes in content of your main blog page.

    We need a lot more specific data to narrow down your cause, but the info above will give you a starting point of where to look. Please let us know what you find and we can try to help your narrow it down even further.


    Don Burk
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    1. Google is changing processing algorithms all the time.
    2. If you cheat on those keywords (try to do optimization for them that Google doesn't like) it might be a signal that your method doesn't works any more.
    3. Back links to your site has words and search engine process them as keywords. There might be something with your back links. They might be gone.
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    It seems like a google algorithm update... you can see it on
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    More than likely, it is bad backlinks which may help you rise initially but when discovered, send you crashing down later to where you really belong. You can always use the Panguin tool to see if a known algorithm update coincided with your fall from grace.
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    1. Manual or Algorithmic Penalty Rank Drop
    2. You Got OutRanked by a Competitor
    3. Your Site was Demoted due to On-page Issues
    4. Your Site Dropped Because it is Losing Links
    5. Google Just Updated Their Algorithm
    6. Google Flux
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    this might be recent google update effect.

    you can keep build quality high pr links to get your result back.
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    work on high pr sites
    your links has been deleted
    Check the Google Algorithms
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    there are some changes in google and all of tools showing this fluctuation.

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    if your keyword dropped it means
    1 Google updated algorithim
    2, High PR backlinks lost
    3. If you change your meta then a chance to drop your keword.
    4.Website issue (website performance, page speed, loading time ).
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