Best SEO Strategy for Franchises?

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In the case where a business has franchises (not talking McDonalds, but maybe a small business that has offices 8-10 offices each in a different state) what's the best SEO Strategy?

Obviously you can create local business citation listings but the Google 3-Pack results also factor in organic rank in addition to proximity to the user's location (and other things).

Is it worth spending the significant time and money to create 8-10 unique websites that just share the business name and logo but otherwise all have unique content. That would seem very hard to do if all 8-10 locations provide the same exact services in the same exact way with the only difference being their physical location.

Or would a better, more reasonable strategy to just have a main website and then have one profile page for each location with NAP, photos, unique description of the location, maybe a second page highlighting the staff at that location. But the home page and service description subpages would all be shared.
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