My website is on the 2nd page of google, how to bring it first?

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Please anyone huide me what to do and how to do , Thanks.
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  • The first thing to do is to make sure that your website is properly optimized for your targeted keywords.

    Here are some good on page optimization guidelines to follow:
    Home Title Tag: your main keyword should show up twice here, with a variation of that keyword
    H1, H2, & H3 Tags: these tags are very important(especially <H1>), and should always contain your keyword.
    Keyword Location Within Text: try to place each your keyword near the beginning of the first sentence of each paragraph (maintaining at least 100 words between paragraphs).
    Keyword Density: you should aim for a density of 1.5% - 2.5% for each keyword that you're targeting. Important: You should not have a keyword density above 3% (Google sees this as "keyword stuffing", and rankings will suffer as a result).
    Use Your Keywords as Anchor Text on your page: link to an internal page on your site, and then link to an authority site (eg: wikipedia) that is related to your keyword.
    Images: use the "alt tag" and rename your images to your chosen keywords.
    Decorate Your Keywords: bold, italicise, or underline your keyword at least one time.

    Then, you need to focus on building dofollow backlinks. The backlinks should be relevant, contextual (surrounded by text related to your keywords/niche), and on websites with high domain authority (DA).
    Backlinks are what will ultimately push your site to the Top positions on page 1 of Google, but you need to make sure that your site is properly optimized (on page) first.
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    Focus on your keyboard that are pulling attraction and optimize your content around those keyboard. Remember it should flow freely. Don't overstuff it with keyword.
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    I`d recommend you to have a close look at the competitors above you and analyze their pages: if you see that the pages are winning over yours by the number of backlinks while your content is better - then you should focus on building some more good links. Or you can see that with not so many backlinks they are winning due to the on-page optimization - then you should consider optimizing your page better. When stuck on page 2 - any little improvements count, and the competitors are the best source of ideas.

    I`m usually checking the Keyword Difficulty in RankTracker for a quick overview of competitors' pages - it's handy to see the optimization rate vs number of backlinks to ranking page at once.
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    Congratulation! You just need to be patient.... Getting more targeted traffic from other source like social media will help you.
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