How can I get traffic to my website?

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Iv been posting blogs and videos for 8 months now and im still only getting 2 to 6 people visiting my website per day, how are you guys getting traffic?
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    Find ways to get the word out. Learn a bit about SMM (Social Media Marketing) for example. Connect with others vis Facebook, Twitter, etc. Join different groups, forums, sites, etc. and contribute to the communities. Include a link to your site/blog when appropriate and when it is allowed. Learning some of the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may help too.

    Most importantly, don't give up. Increasing traffic can take time and effort.

    Good luck.
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    You need to learn something about SEO. and increase you backlink Profile. you need to promote your website on your niche related blogs. i mean outreach blogging. For more details and services you can contact us. thanks
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    Build quality Backlinks for your website
    Submit guest posting
    Do forum and Blog commenting on daily basis
    Share fresh content regular
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    Start Social Media Marketing, PPC, Guest Posting and also create some Profile creation backlink so that you can get a lot of organic traffic for your targeted website.
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    Back link create is very important for getting traffic to website.You need to blog commenting,article posting,forum posting,guest posting and create backlink there only when it is allowed.
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    Firstly identified those keywords which having minimum level of traffic for few month due minimum investment in content after that focus on additional keyword with searching result.... analyze your audience, engagement, traffic. Rest you keep involvement in content and other SEO activity...
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    Use good contents, tags and be active on social media and promote your blogs. Use SEO services.
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  • Off Page Techniques:

    1. Directory Submission
    2. Bookmarking Submission
    3. Local Listing
    4. Blog Posting
    5. Article Submission
    6. Blog Commenting
    7. Forum Posting
    8. PPT Sharing
    9. Photo Sharing
    10. Video Sharing
    11. Info Graphics Sharing
    12. Press Release Submission
    13. Competitor Back Links
    14. Social Media Optimization
    15. Question & Answer Submission
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    Creating unique, fresh and original content on a daily basis is by far in my opinion the best way to attract targeted leads, but here's the thing - you have to understand what cause that snow ball effect to start rolling in the first place. So if you are only getting 2 to 6 leads a day and you have been posting videos and blog for eight months..its safe to assume i would believe, you're probably very narrowed with how you market. I wouldn't believe with those numbers that you were doing anymore than one or two different sources of traffic. My idea of a "multi-pronged attack" is when not only are you blogging, comment on similar sites, developing back links and paying for traffic through solo ads...but more importantly we are following up creatively we are leveraging current leads, using the referral system, investing in offline efforts to drive people to our websites. How much are we really stretching our imagination here, or are we looking for a shortcut..because our comfort zone isn't getting the results we would like tyo get overnight?
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    Ha ha ha..
    That's funny mate..
    Try forum posting and Guest posting. These are much more effective than other type of seo. And you will get huge traffic to your site.
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    First, you have to post some SEO optimized article on your website. you have to follow the whitehat SEO rules. You have to focus your keyword, and use them to your title too. You also have to post your article on the different blog site or social media. this would bring your website more traffic.
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    SEO and SEM are going to be your bread and butter. Join online communities that are relevant to your site and don't be shy to share your site when appropriate. It's a great way to build your brand and connect with your community.

    You can also pay for traffic through PPC campaigns using social or native advertising. Be careful though as you can run a very large tab very quickly so make sure that your campaigns are targeted appropriately to your target demographic.

    It's a long winding road ahead but keep your head up, stick your chest out, and handle it because it's going to be worth it!
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    Getting traffic is not an easy job to be done.
    Basic thing about this is "Create as many back-links as you can".
    There are many techniques you can go for,which you will find in any search engine easily.Some of them are:
    1. Register yourself on as many profile building sites like gravatars, wordpress, itsmyurls,etc.
    2. Start writing blogs.
    3. Comment on blogs and utilize guest posts.
    4. Use forums writing.
    5. Register yourself on online directories like ,
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