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4 quick ways to increase the authority of your site

Before entering the " fundamental " backlinks, it is good to reinforce the authority of your site. Remember, the purpose of link acquisition is to build the authority of your site. The more your site is rated by Google, the easier it is to rank for its keywords.

1. Repair broken external links

Remember, every external link you place on your site destroys authority.

This is why it is important to audit your site (here is an SEO checklist checklist) to find broken external links. This applies to external links to your content and to the comments section.

To find broken links, use one or all of the following:

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Google Search Console
2. Retrieve the lost link juice (error 404)

The 404 link recovery is the simplest. To find all 404 errors on your site, use Google Search Console or Screaming Frog. If you find 404 errors, run the pages through a bulk check on Ahrefs or Majestic. When you find pages with fairness of the link, you need to redirect them to a relevant page on the site or to your home page.

3. Find and repair redirect strings

Sometimes the most obvious solutions hang from our noses. Redirect strings are another simple problem that can reinforce the authority of your site once corrected.
4. Change the 302 links to 301 links

The 302 link redirects the flow of authority and can even steal the authority from your site. Identify 302 redirects on and off your site, and change them to 301. Again, use Screaming Frog to find 302 links.

Now that you know how to improve the authority of your site without creating new backlinks, it is now time to learn how to create the backlinks founders.

How to create "basic" backlinks

The "basic" backlinks improve the TrustRank of your site. The more "trustworthy" your site is, the better your performance will be from search engines.

The backlinks will then create a halo of confidence around your site. Simply because you are using nothing but branded and non-optimized backlinks links on authority sites.

Important note: You should use only null links or brand anchors for basic backlinks.

Social networks

The first thing you need to do is secure all the properties of the social networks that concerns you.

At a minimum, your business should have:

Google + (Personal & Business)
LinkedIn (Personnel & Business)
You do not necessarily and actively do e-commerce on these platforms although it will not hurt you. For example your community manager or any other social media manager may decide that Facebook is the best social platform in terms of reference traffic and commitment to his business. That's why the social media strategy will focus more on Facebook than on other platforms. Choose the platforms that work best for your business.

At a minimum, create social accounts and share content on them, so that you create at least a first database.

Directory Lists / Citations

Google values directory listings so much that they are set apart from the local search algorithm. This should be more than enough for you to use them in any SEO campaign. The other advantage of the lists is that about 50% of them give a DoFollow link, not optimized.

Business quotes are an ideal way to build a trust base around your site. Remember earlier in Part I of this seo backlinks guide , when we told you that all the backlinks that touch your site need not necessarily be 100% relevant ...

We were talking about directory listings and social media profiles. Google trusts these platforms and knows that different types of companies will use them.

Directories targeted by niches

While most directories have little value, others get to stand out. Niche directories provide a relevant link and DoFollow. As you know, backlinks with these two features are hard to find.

Geo-localized directories

Geo-targeted directories are an essential link for local businesses. Here are some search strings that you can use to find geo-targeted directories:

City directory
Directory + city
Submit my site + city
Niche + city directory
City + directories
Relevant blog comments

Too often ignored, due to the dreaded brand "NoFollow", the relevant blog comments are wrong to be overlooked!

You can use these comments to:

Creates a sense of trust around our customer's site
Improve the ratio of the DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks
Diversify the anchors in a meaningful way
Receive small amounts of recommendation traffic
Establish a relationship with the blogger with whom you could take advantage of backlinks in the future.
The point regarding recommendation traffic is the most important and this is where most SEOs fail.

Do not go over the best article in a blog to write a comment that puts open doors and remains useless. It does not create relationships. You must contribute to the blog in a meaningful way. The most important thing is to add value. This does not mean that you have to write a five-paragraph essay, that's not recommended! Focus on one point and leave a concise and well thought out comment.

The relevant niche forums

Participating in your industry forums is a great way to build the e-reputation of the brand. And if you do it well, you will conduct relevant reference traffic on your site. Forum members can bind to your content, and if there are not many forums that allow signature backlinks, many still allow backlinks to profile. These profile backlinks are valuable as they are relevant and DoFollow in most cases.

Powerful Backlinks

The backlinks we call powerful will accelerate your results because:

A) they are the most relevant and

B) they are the most authorized

Content-centric approach

As difficult as it is to produce quality brand content , there is no better way to generate high authority backlinks on a website.

There are only three things you need to do to hone your content-based approach:

Find the right keywords to target
Create excellent content around this keyword
Promote content (social and backlinks)
When you create quality content, you create real assets for your business. No matter what Google does, it can never take you off the content and that's why you need to tackle building links by projecting yourself in the long run. Keep in mind: The following tactics are effective without content but you will get better results if you create links to strong content assets.


For a link to be referred to as an "editorial", your link must go to the editorial review. Google values editorial backlinks more than any other type of link. Unfortunately, getting these backlinks from high authority can be difficult. First, you need to build relationships with bloggers in your industry. Secondly, you will probably have to produce quality content to get natural backlinks.

Guest articles

Guest posts are effective in two ways. First, to assert and strengthen your authority. Second, your guest post can allow you to receive relevant referral traffic on your site. Keep in mind that Google does not like spam messages. This means that you need to focus your efforts on producing a valid guest post. If you give value to your site through this, there is nothing wrong with injecting backlinks on it.

To get the most out of your guest articles, you need to get contextual links. Contextual links are very powerful. This way, it sounds like a real recommendation for your site. If you want to tinker, use these searches to find opportunities:

NICHE + «post guest»
NICHE + "contribute to"
NICHE + "write for us"
NICHE + "contributors"
NICHE + "guest writer / writer"
The technique of fusion

The merge technique is the search procedure for an expired relevant domain and 301 redirect to your site. The concept is simple: you have just acquired a relevant company and you want to redirect it to your parent company. The expired domain must be 100% relevant, this is the key to this procedure. These areas are harder to find, but it's worth it when one is found.
The White Alternative to PBN

You already know the " White Hat alternative" to the PBN, but it's perhaps better to come back on it once again. Instead of buying an expired domain and rebuild it, you will:

Find an expired domain
Then let the linkers know they are bind to a dead resource.
If the expired domain is relevant, you can ask the linkers to replace the dead link with your site. To improve your success rate, suggest 2-3 quality resources (including yours). You can also recreate the original content if it is relevant. This is obvious, but the content must be better than the original. This strategy requires more time and effort, but you also get more links.

Leveraging relevant expired domains

If you are going to create a Private Blog Network (PBN), you might as well do it smartly. Do not buy any expired domain. Instead try to find areas that have relevant topic flows and trust suitable for your niche. This will not always be possible, but it's worth spending a little time there.

Getting a link from a relevant domain is more powerful than several irrelevant domains.

Here are listed some tools to find expired domains:

PR Powershot
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    I'd say that is the BIGGEST piece of sewage today on the WF.

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    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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        I'd say that is the BIGGEST piece of sewage today on the WF.

        And that is saying something....

        Because it states things that are wrong, many wrong things: like 'improves the ratio of nofollow and dofollow."

        There is no such thing as an ideal ratio for those, therefore, you cannot improve it. Furthermore, getting nofollow links does not help your SEO, seeing that, as per Google, nofollow links do not pass juice or anchor text.

        Nofollow links can be good for business, but not the way OP says.

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        That's a genuine question. I'm not up on SEO and would like to know.
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    Comment Links and forums links are just worthless. But people keep bragging about them.
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      Comment Links and forums links are just worthless. But people keep bragging about them.
      forum links are worthless, but some jagoffs still have them
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    Thanks for the sharing some tips and tricks especially give us some tools to find expired domains. This post help us to build high authority backlinks
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      @asktore @songthang @fbacker

      Just think about what OP is saying

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    This one is good to know more Building backlinks in 2017 as most of people ask & want to know latest technique for link building.

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