Benefits of Several Backlinks from same Web 2.0?

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If I get several backlinks from same web 2.0 (wordpress, tumblr or so on) will it be beneficial as 1 ? or each backlink will equal?

if you say, "will count as 1 cause from same domain" then why don't google give you credit for getting link from 96 DA site? (wordpress)
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    One way to look at it is each (worthwhile) link is an implied endorsement of your site. Viewed in this light, multiple links from the same site, assuming it is a respected domain, would be incredible valuable, but not simply for ranking.

    Remember, trust is a huge factor that can and does impact your rank in SERPs: If people come to know and view your brand as authoritative and valuable on a topic, they're more likely to click on your URL, even if you're not in the top handful of results.

    One small way to gain such trust is by creating content that is worthy of being linked to by respected domains. The more people see you being linked to and mentioned, the more top of mind awareness you're creating and the greater the likelihood that you'll start seeing that recognition at the SERP level.

    I link to say that value of a link extends well beyond the link itself.
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    Well they will cont diferently but i dont think will be a huge diference in terms of value etc
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    The value of a link for the purposes of ranking your pages in the Google search results is much more complicated than just looking at the Domain authority.

    Where is the link on the web 2.0 entity? How did it get there? What is it related to content wise? etc

    Pretty sure that if you got a backlink from the home page of you would get a lot of credit. Because it's very hard to get a home page link (on authoritative sites) and tends to show that your page is considered very important if you do.

    On the other hand if you create a new free blog and add a link to your site why should Google give you any credit for giving yourself a link? Everyone and anyone can do that.

    In the same way the answer to your original question may vary.

    If you have 4 links in the same content page for instance you link back all your article keywords (lose weight fast). Then likely they will only count as one link.

    If you had 4 links back from different pages, different authors with different anchor texts then possibly you may get some additional credit. It wont be 1 * 4 though.

    If you added a site wide link in the footer or sidebar and get loads of links they will count for very little if anything.

    As a general rule the harder it is to get the link the more it is likely to be worth.
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