Can you guys give some feedback/ideas on my site regarding SEO?

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Hello guys, I´ve been a long time lurker. But finally made the decision to join here. I have learn a lot from here, that´s for sure.

Here´s my history. I have been working for a real estate company in Spain since last year, I started as a writer. That was it for that moment, all I did was write quality content, then I started to translate that content from spanish to english. Weeks went by and they liked my job.

Right now they are offering me a few online classes where I can learn a bit of SEO. Now, I don´t only write quality content, I also work on the seo of the page.

I have been building a lot of backlinks since a few months back, I have also made a few 2.0 blogs to get links from too. Lastly, I have worked on the social media too (twitter & facebook). On the last report It seems like the visitors are coming from twitter. Not organic search at all.

I know it´s a really competitive sector, but It seems like the backlinks I have been building for a while aren´t doing a lot of job. If I google search "Real Estate Mallorca" our web is listed at #14. At least, I was able to accomplish that. Because I few weeks ago the web didn't even appear on google.

Could you guys give me some feedback on what I could do to make things go better on the site? sorry for the long post and also sorry if there are typos, I wanted to get all of this out of my head & I am not english native.

This is the web:

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have been working on getting visitors & clients from Youtube too. I have worked on shorts videos of 30 - 50 seconds with the KW of our interest, such as *real estate mallorca* *Propertys Palma de Mallorca* and so on!
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    Hi, you can check what your competitors are doing to get on top.
    Analyze their websites backlinks profiles, performance in social media, for example.
    As well, i did a quick on-page analysis of your website, and looks like you can fix some issues here as well:

    Hope it helps!
    SEO PowerSuite - the most trusted SEO software on the market!
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      What's the name of the application to get these infos?
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      Thank you! <3 I will have a look at this
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    One thing you can do, set up more/better silos.

    FRONT SEA VILLA IN PORT ADRIANO is one of your links.

    This is another one:

    The property page is a blank page. Why?

    Property is not a good keyword. Mallorca properties for sale would be better.

    You could have

    and so forth, all nicely linked to give more power to /mallorca-real-estate-for-sale

    Also, create one amazing piece of content, something that mortgage people, appraisers, real estate attorneys, etc. will love to link to. Then contact mortgage people, real estate appraisers, etc. and tell them about your great content and how it will help them with their clients. Some will link to you.

    Also, look into less competitive keywords... if Mallorca real estate for sale is too competitive, go for Port Adriano real estate for sale. If that's too competitive, go for 3-bedroom condos in Port Adriano for sale.
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      ThankS A LOT! I havent thought of this before
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    user friendly design, Enough content, active social networks, and fast loading. you are doing fine.
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    Build a PBN my friend, fresh web 2.0 don't really pass any juice these days

    I make FREE SEO/IM Software at
    PBN Hunter / Expired Tumblr Hunters / Backlink Finders and more all 100% FREE.

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    You have to update on-page SEO than start SEO link-building to increase the Google ranking of your site.
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