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I have been away from SEO and I'm coming back but It seems like recently Google really likes a page with much information and content for the keyword. Most of my rival sites have many, many word counts and have at least 1,000 words on the page.

I have no problems writing articles with a lot of information etc. but I want to keep my homepage short and concise. The main purpose of my homepage is a gateway and to guide the visitors to my sales page (one product), and that's why the simpler the homepage, the better. Conversion is better with a simpler homepage. And I'd like my home page to rank, not the articles (with the main keyword).

Yes I do still see some pages ranking well regardless of the fact they don't have much content in it, but it seems like their domains are really strong. In general, should I sacrifice the conversion and put a lot of content/volume on the homepage, or is it possible to cover the "thin" homepage by adding a lot of good articles with the same theme.

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