How can I quickly rank my coupon site?

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I am just starting my online journey with a coupon site named I bought the domain 1 year ago. I haven't done any seo work on the site. But now I want to start. So my question is how many backlink can i make every month without making the google disturb? Or what can i do instantly to rank up my site?
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    You can't.
    Trying to rank such a useless 'thin affiliate' in competitive niche quickly (let alone slowly) is next to impossible.
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    The things that you should do is learn how to seo your site through some paid forums if you do it yourself, where you will be guided specifically how to go seo onpage, seo offpage, go backlink From different sources .... and everything else to make your site top google, and of course this is a process of learning the method and practice, if fast can take a week.
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    Sure you can rank quickly - albeit for noncompetitive, low search volume phrases. Use a KW research tool to show you which phrases are the least competitive and build keyword targeted pages for each of those phrases, using Perfect On-Page SEO techniques.

    Make sure you build truly stellar content that other sites will WANT TO link to. Without great content, it is impossible to get real, editorially placed backlinks. The number of backlinks is important, but not as important as the quality of them. 1,000 junk comment/forum links aren't worth as much as 2 great links from high quality websites that link to you from an article.
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    Well, you can get the ball rolling by firstly signing up to Google Search console, creating an XML sitemap and submitting it there.

    Make sure you correct the errors that the Google crawl bot finds on your site or it will hamper your ranking.

    Next, you want to optimize meta-descriptions for users on the Google Search page searching for your site, products etc. and also the keywords you want to rank for.

    I hope that you continue pursuing your goals and beat your competitors and find your success.

    All The Best
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    I think doing SEO and affiliate marketing you can quickly rank your coupon site.
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