I did 301 redirect, Now how should I deal with the static front page?

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Hello mates,

I have a review website that reviews a product about the Law Of Attraction.
The website is 1 year old and it contains an exact match domain. The website was not going to bring me any sales cause the product was very bad.
So I found another completely related product (that I believe it can convert fine) and purchased another exact match domain (which carries the name of the new product).
I did a 301 redirect to transfer the rank of the old domain to the new one.

The question:
The review content of the old product is held on the static page at the front page (Main home page) of the website.

Now I have written another review regarding the new product.
Do you think that it would be a good idea to replace the new review content with the old one?

I want the new content to be at the front page of the website too.
So What I think I can do are as follows:
1. create another sub-domain page and put the new review on it.
This is not a good idea cause the new domain contains the name of the new product. so the best choice is to have the new review as a static page at the front page (Home page)...

2. Add the new review content to the current one at front page and change the color of the current text the way that nobody can see/read it. This way everybody who comes to the home page will only see the new review

3. Go and replace the current review text at the front page with the new one and then create a sub-domain and add the current review text there?

Any idea buddies about the best choice to go with?

Thank you so much.

P.S, The old review text does not bring any good traffic, and as I told before it does not convert at all too, cause the old product is very bad... This means that the old review text is not important to me at all.
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