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Can anybody give me any helpful advice on how to rank my youtube videos. I have vidiq which does help a lot, but i'm still not getting anywere. Are there any good techniques that anybody may be willing to share? Can linking my youtube video to a bunch of pictures on pinterest help with ranking and views?
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    Hey dj250 ..

    There could be many reasons for videos not to rank. At a high level below are somethings that you can give a try if you have not .. .

    1. Create a video which addresses a common problem in your niche.
    2. Try to create your videos with your Target Keyword in the Title, Description and Tags.
    3. Try to Embed your videos on a website if you already have one.
    4. Try to create the Content which is worth sharing and is of helpful in nature.
    5. Try to share your videos on Social Sharing platforms. (Pinterest share does help)
    6. Create the videos with good quality.
    7. Make sure your video is atleast 9-10 minutes longer.
    8. If you are getting any comments, make sure you engage and respond to the comments.
    9. Create a Playlist and share the same instead of a single video if you have ability to do so.
    10. Since you already have VidIQ, try to guage what others are creating a lot in your niche.
    11. Check if your videos are indexed on google. If not, just do a quick ping using services like pingfarm.
    12. Make sure you have a Good Thumbnail image. This will help you in getting clicks when your video is show in the suggested videos list.

    Just my 2 cents ...
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    The Pinterest won't hurt, but it won't help that much either.

    Be sure that you have you title and thumbnail image amazing, not just good, but amazing.

    Make your new videos just below 10 minutes and test how this does for you. If it's too long people look at it and don't want to invest their time.

    If it's too short then YT's algo's won't see enough total time on video and it won't rank well.

    Copy a few of the titles and user names of the people in the recommended section when you search for you keyword in YT.
    This will help you to show up as recommended when their videos are being watched.

    Don't attempt to rank one video for more than one keyword. Just focus on one keyword = one video.

    These things will help.
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    I could waste both our time regurgitating information but I'll just send you to someone who is way way better at this than me. Backlinks are key!
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      I am in no way affiliated with this guy btw. Just trying to be helpful
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      Originally Posted by Mark Flowers View Post

      I could waste both our time regurgitating information but I'll just send you to someone who is way way better at this than me. Backlinks are key!
      Agreed, Brian knows what he's talking about. I've actually adopted some of his tactics in video and seo.
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      Yes, Any Business!
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    Hey I recommend you not to focus on ranking....

    Focus on driving targeted traffic to your videos that make sales. It will rank your video automatically
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    To rank a youtube video you have to do the following works:

    1. Create an attractive video
    2. Optimize your video properties
    3. Create a custom thumbnail and optimize its properties
    4. Upload your video
    5. Optimize your title, description(150-500 words), tags
    6. Share your video on social media profiles, groups, and communities.
    7. You should increase your like, share and comments for ranking.
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    quality optimization(on page and off page) will help you to rank.or you can use another method if your video based on movie ,games etc.
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    Selecting the proper title and description will help your video to get rank high on search engine as well as in youtube...

    Target proper keyword which is at most related to your video content..
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    As mentioned in the comments below. Optimize your video ... (meta tags, thumbnail etc). You can than share video to various social media sites.

    It is important that you have something interesting, informative or useful in the video.

    Later you can go for paid youtube promotion..
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    Get social backlinks to your videos, this is #1 for YT rank. You can buy social BL at the cheapest price on Fiverr.
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    First and foremost you should upload content that solves the issues of your audience.secondly research subject matter so that you can become informed and share your knowledge
    Keyword search is fundamental too.Create value and integrate that with some good key word search and you will see improvement.

    Lastly ,I have seen my youtube videos shoot to the front page of youtube with a simple tweak
    Just by me adding custom thumbnail my ranking improved drastically.
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    Hi guys,
    I have here is an idea to keep your youtube channel up!
    If you already have a website this will help..
    Find out the article which is trending in your blog for many hours/days.
    Put embed Youtube video in it..
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    You can also target audiences that is related to your video niche.
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    You need to get real views and likes to rank your video. The more retention view, the quicker ranking your video in Youtube. Share your video on Facebook relevant groups, Quora, and other social media sites.
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    Try and write at least 200 words of content. Use synonym and one off keywords. For example, if your main keyword is How to Rank YouTube Videos, some one off keywords would be How to rank YouTube videos in Google, how to get videos to show up in search engines, YouTube Marketing, etc
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    Because videos don't take a ton of time to put together, you don't need to go after keywords with massive search volumes.
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    Just make sure your target keyword gets at least 300 searches per month in Google (you can find this information using the Google Keyword Planner)
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    Tags are used by search engines for classification - I believe using the same tags as the top ranked videos helps to associate you with their keywords.
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    select a good title,tag,description and share your videos on social media
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      Yes. Try being unique in your description and share links to your video as well. The higher your video hits, the closer you are getting to being ranked at the top
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    Thank you very much everyone for all of your advice! it is actually starting to work!. I have ranked a few videos on the 3rd position of the 1st page for my keywords! ya'll are awesome!
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    Make your video interesting and/or helpful to the viewers, optimizing your video could also help.
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    Okay man. No problem.
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    You have to update your video with unique Title, Description & build links to rank it higher in Google search results.
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    step1: keyword research is very important you can't just try these steps on one keyword and say it's not working. do test this with few different set of keywords.

    step 2: before you start working on the keyword, check how many page results do you see when you type in the keyword with quotes in google. ex: "how to make videos look better" - with quotes around the keyword. and if the page results are less than 6000 start working on the keyword.

    step 3: create a new youtube channel with the keyword as the channel name (this is optional).

    step 4: rename your video file to your keyword. ex: howtomakevideoslookbetter.mp4

    step 5: try to make use of the keyword in the title for at least two times. (test around with this use ur keyword along with the related long tail keyword.)

    step 6: start the description of your video with your Keyword. and sprinkle the keywords within the description. I usually do it 4 times. ( make sure whatever u add in title and description should make sense don't make it look spammy)

    add your youtube link in the description ( you will get the link while it's uploading.)

    step 7: tags use a very minimum number of tags. I maximum use 4 tags. ( using multiple keywords as tags used to work back in 2012-13)

    step 8: share ur videos using the "share" button below the video ( share it in as many sites as possible) try to get more social signals and web 2.0's. that's it!

    few keyword rank instantly and for few the maximum time it would take is 2 weeks.

    the steps im giving out are tried and tested by many. you can see few of my ranking screenshots attached.
    Credit - Harsh Jetti


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    You should really be nailing down on your keywords and tags when trying to rank videos faster.
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    On Fiverr there are a few people who can help you with ranking Youtube videos. I Use them quite a lot since I´m lazy

    I´m not affilated with these people:
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