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Hi There,

Any expert in SEO for Food blogs? Im looking for the best positioned sites and I'm building a list of SEO requirements for recipes to appear in rank "0".

Any good examples of sites? Or any tips for ranking in position "0"?

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    One of my favorite resources is Moz's Beginner's Guide to SEO. I recently revisited that guide and pulled out 10 things that I learned after reading it. If you have an hour or so I'd recommend that you read through the entire guide.
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    Thanks Richard. I was looking for something more specific for food and recipes, I´ll def check your recommendation too.

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    Find some easy-to-rank recipes (if there are any these days) and do link building on food-related websites.
    Watch out for:
    recipe sharing websites with high traffic
    food forums
    food blogs for guest posts
    You can also write an e-cookbook and offer it in exchange for leads (emails).
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    To bring your site in Google SERP position 0; you have to do the following things below:

    1. Create high-quality unique content
    2. Check all grammatical error and solve those
    3. Check the readability score and make it good
    4. Publish content with proper structure
    5. Use h1 tag one time and h2 tag multiple time into your article.
    6. Use unique and optimized image with alt tag
    7. Use relevant video inside your article
    8. Use bullet point int your article
    9. Start promoting your article to social media
    10. Do proper SEO
    11. Rank on Google 0 position.

    N.B: Google gives priority to those sites who have the perfect answer of that keyword user search/want to know. If you can write the perfect answer into your article, there is a change to get 0 position.
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      Hey ma247,

      Many thanks for your answer! Do you know where I could check the readibility score?

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    Target the right keywords: your goal is to find the exact phrases that people are searching when searching for what your site provides and use them as guides for your content. At first, aim for keywords with which the first results aren't extremely big and authoritative websites (like Jamie Oliver's for example). Content quality is an obligatory point and has been mentioned in the answers on this thread already. Optimize headlines, meta data, images. Be active on social media, use hashtags and invite the audience to participate. Use Off page SEO strategies whenever you're not working on the On page ones.
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