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I have a real estate agent website and I would like to optimize the home page for some low/medium competition keywords with some higher volume searches. I found these keywords using the google adwords keyword planner.

My question is: how many keywords can I optimize (on site SEO) the home page for? The home page would be sort of an agent intro page. I was thinking of coming up with approximately 700-800 words of unique content. A rep from the real estate web design company recommended in their training videos to optimize the home page up to 10 keywords and the inner pages of the website for 1-2 keywords. This doesn't sound right to me as 10 keywords would be way too many to be able to effectively obtain a high ranking for each one of these keywords.

I've done some research and I've read that you have to be careful with keyword density and that you don't use the exact match anchor text all over the content as you might get penalized by google. I believe his strategy used to worked quite well before.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    There are many reasons why you should pay attention to your website's home page. In many cases it is the first page users see and it is one of the pages' users will visit, if they want to find out more about your blog or business. From a technical SEO perspective, the optimization of a homepage is no different than doing SEO on other pages of your website.

    Things to optimize are as below -

    Homepage Title, Homepage Description, Homepage H1 tag, Homepage images - You set an ALT text that describes the image, Homepage logo - You set an ALT text that describes the image, Structured Data, Content, Loading speed, Mobile Friendliness, SSL Enabled, HTTPS Enabled, Clear call to actions Buttons, Establish trust, Navigation.

    Homepage SEO is important for all kinds of websites. The homepage is the 'front door' of your business (or blog) and should have a clear structure, load fast and give users options and details about your website's purpose.

    It is very important to choose the correct keyword mapping strategy for all the pages on your website. Each page, whether it is the homepage, micro/blog page or a landing page, has a different approach to the number of keywords. It is suggested to select keywords for the homepage that are very competitive and are of high priority.

    Ask yourself: Who are we? Does your homepage answer this question? You need a clearly visible logo and a readable brand name. What do we do? How does a visitor benefit from viewing our homepage? Does the homepage itself provide any value, or are users expected to dig for the content they require?
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      Thank you all for the answers. They've been helpful but what I was looking for is something more specific: how many keywords should I optimize my home page for? I was thinking of just focusing on 1 or 2 main keywords as opposed to 5 or 10.
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    In order to optimize your pages for keywords, you'll need to, well ... include those keywords on your site. But not every placement of a keyword is equal: There are certain places on your website that are more optimal than others for on-page SEO.

    Here's a list of some of the most important places to optimize for your chosen keywords on your site:

    Headings & Content
    Images Titles & Alt Text

    If you haven't optimized these sections of your site in the past, you have some work to do -- but it's up-front work that will pay off big time in the long term. To get the most bang for your buck, start with the pages that get the most traffic. Then, as you create more pages in the future, be sure to optimize as you go.
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    Don't too focus on the home page, you must optimize other pages. If you have optimized some other pages, post page for example, it's will effect and rank your home page too.
    It's a bad idea to over optimize your home page without optimizing other pages
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