Does submitting articles to article submission sites help our SEO?

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I have a site,and these days i start to do some backlinks by submitting my article in the article submission sites,but i don't know the effect.does the article submission sites good for my site?Are there any ways can help me improve the traffic?
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    yes article submission site is good for our target we get many back links through articles but it should be an unique article..
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    Have you checked the website quality before publishing. If that website DA(domain authority) and website have good organic traffic than it will help you to get ranking & traffic.
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    • I just get its pr from the site,i will check its DA,
      but how to know these website have good organic traffic?
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        There are many free/paid tools available like ahrefs & semrush.
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    I don't recommend article submission anymore. It is not as effective as before and these types of techniques are already considered as link scheme, as per google.

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    Yes, it is good but don't do for link building purpose. Write article for user purpose, if your article is based on interesting topic then definitely user will read it and more chances to share content of their social profile.
    Also don't do anchor text on proper keywords this is an old tactic, you can place a link on read more, click here etc...
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    Article submission is fine for getting traffic - especially for a timely event - but it does little to nothing for boosting your page rank since the links are there one day and gone soon after as your article is replaced by newer ones.

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    Yes. It will help you can submit your website articles to article submission sites and it boost traffic to your site.
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    Article submission is helpful to generate the backlinks of your website which is helpful to optimize your website . As much as the traffic will increase on your website you will get more business.
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    It's a total waste of time. Those sites are nothing but trash today.
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    Yes it does matter.
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    In my opinion the context is important, if the site you submitting articles to reputable sites with other quality content, then their links to your site could be helpful.
    However, if the site has low traffic or has a reputation for article spinning then it may be a waste of your time.
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    In addition to above, you should choose article or blog sites having high DA and TF that will surely help you in website indexing and ranking.

    Good luck.

    Steve Parker
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