Long Tail Keyword Ranking vs Authority Sites

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Hi all,

I haven't done much SEO in a while and realize there have been many Google changes. However one thing that I always thought was if you optimized your page using good on-page SEO and had some decent external SEO (links, social, etc) that you could overtake authority sites that were not targeting the keyword at all. I haven't found that to be the case lately so was curious if the authorities I am trying to beat are too hard.

Example keyword: best XXXX for YYYY and ZZZZ

None of the results in the Top-10 use that title at all (most have up to the X's and Y's). However the "ZZZZ" is mentioned in their content although in some cases only one time.

Anyway just curious if anyone has any thoughts on this. Is domain authority a much larger ranking signal now in Google?

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    Domain Authority has nothing to do with Google SERP's its a third party metrics.
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    if you optimize your content properly and use long tail keyword you will be definitely successful
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    Long tail keyword is highly recommended to rank better in search engines. Yes, it is true that long tails keyword is the best choice.
    But this will not work all the time. Such if your site has low authority and some high authority has already used those long tail keyword then it will be difficult for you to outrank them.
    But if your keywords have not used by high authority sites then you have a good possibility rank top in Google.
    On other hands, we see many sites rank better than you but they haven't use your keywords. They haven't use your long tail keywords but they have used some relevant keywords as LSI keywords and those sites are high authority sites so they always rank better than you.
    All the time long tail keywords will not rank better, here competition and the authority are big issues.
    I think when you select keywords, at first, search in Google using your keywords, if the sites that appear on the first page have high authority and it will be hard to beat them, you should not select those keywords. Try another one.
    Domain authority is still a big ranking factor.
    Thanks, Mytechgoal.
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  • Domain Authority does plays a factor in ranking but not too much if you have picked an expired domain but if you are posting for a specific niche from sometime and gained good rankings then you will definitely get better rankings when you will post new content around that niche.
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    Try to take your focus away from third party metrics and use common sense (with your keyword research in mind, of course).

    I use http://answerthepublic.com/ and get great insights into the minds of my readers.

    Also, remember that building links is an authoritative way of supplementing your great website/page. Just a few good links in an noncompetitive landscape and you'll dominate.
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    Domain authority is ranking factor but the most important is content. Content is KING. Make deep keyword research. Pick the right keyword and make high quality content. If you make the best content for some competitive keyword you can beat competition.
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    You are correct in that it is harder to do nowadays, and Google can rank a website for a long tail term even if that term is not in the MetaTitle or exactly in the content itself. You can overtake these websites with proper onsite SEO and getting some high-quality backlinks, in general it will just take more time, more content on-site, and more backlinks that it used.

    Owner at SEO Services KC

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