How Do You Find High-Volume Low Difficulty (Easy-to-Rank) Keywords?

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It's a very daunting task to find easy-to-rank keywords for a specific niche, especially if your site has a baby Domain Authority level (< DA 10).

And you just can't write for high difficulty keywords to rank high on Google.

So, what's your recommended keyword difficulty level for a newly started website? And how do you to find those high volume low difficulty level keywords? What tools do you usually use?
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    When you're in that situation, focus on long tail keyword phrases first. (If you can't rank for 3-word phrases yet, try 4-word phrases or even 5-word phrases.) Focus on what's achievable today, not what you want to achieve when your domain has more authority. As you rank well for long tail search terms, your authority will rise and the difficulty of ranking for shorter search terms will fall. As that happens, keep raising the bar on how much traffic your target search terms have.
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    I agree about long tail keywords. There is often less competition and it may be easier to rank. It's a good place to start.
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  • You can use different online tools where you will find list of keywords with its corresponding competition. Lower the competition higher will be your ranking for that page.
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    Try to use local keywords "location based keywords" with 4 and 5 phase. And you can use keywords planner tool to find out correct keywords.
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    If you have just started then you have low domain authority. So it is not easy for you to rank top using high competitive keywords.
    You must select low competitive high searches keywords or low competitive low searches keywords.
    You have to think about your present situation. You have a child blog so you can not compete with high authority sites.
    So low competitive keyword is the must.
    Generally, long tail keywords will be low competitive. But all the time it is not true.
    Such as, you have long tail keywords. Now search on Google using your keywords, if all the sites on the first pages are high authority sites then these keywords are high competitive keywords. You should not select these keywords.
    You have to use different tools for finding the most profitable keywords.
    You can use KWFinder Or SEMRush.
    When we search any keyword in KWFinder. It will show you all the relevant keywords, long tail and short keywords, monthly searches, CPC, PPC, keyword difficulty using number parameter, you can also see the pages those have already ranked using these keywords.
    So this tool is really helpful.
    SEMRush is another powerful tool. This tool is also helpful to find the long tail, low competitive keywords. You can spy on your competitors keywords and how they are ranking using your same keywords.
    Thanks, Munna Hossain, Mytechgoal.
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    hey there

    Use google keyword planner..

    .here you will search for" keyword ideas"

    look at the competive ,hi volumne , low columns etc

    talk soon
    sam f
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    Thank you all for your kind words. And sorry for late response. I was busy searching topics.
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