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I'm going to shoot myself in the foot by doing this, but, this will help out noobies and others immensely. I once had a small list that I shared this with, even coached a few people and made them some money. So this advice works. It's free, so take it for what it's worth. If you don't take action on it, you'll only lose in the end.

Do something today, and take action. I can't stress that enough. Whether it's keyword/niche research, backlink building, or something else. Just. Do. It

Ok, here we go and hang on - welcome to my quick guide on Seasonal Adsense Riches

1) Niche Selection

I just got a PM asking me about how do i choose a niche. Well, it starts with focus. Holidays are a great way to focus on adsense site creation. It gives you determination and a goal to accomplish within a period of time. I usually give myself 2 months before a major holiday to create a site and promote it. So what I do is:

a) pick a holiday
b) enter that holiday into the following tools that I own/use: keyword research pro, micronichefinder, and google adwords tool.

You'll now get a ton of ideas in front of you. This is where the real work begins. Start brainstorming. Halloween is coming up and that means: candy, kids, costumes, parties, scary, pictures, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, movies, screensavers, etc. Just ask yourself "what would someone use google for during this holiday?" "What do i need to lookup to prepare for holiday x"

People love to look up costumes online for ideas. Women love to read recipes. Kids love to play cool games. Everyone is looking for a deal on expensive stuff. The key is the holiday. Center your niche selection around just THAT holiday.

I take a look at the EXACT keyword usage and note the results. I try to find a keyword term that is at least 2000 searches a month. Once I find something in that range, i shoot over to - DomainsBot - Available domain suggestions, name spinner, expired and expiring domain name search

Here, i enter in my keyword term and see if there is anything juicy to pickup. Once i find something valuable, i grab it and begin my site building.

My sites range from 5-10 pages to start. I use wordpress and joomla. It doesn't really matter, although wordpress gets a lot of love google and i know how to tweak it do some really special stuff.

Once those pages are built out, i start with some site promotion:
1) 2 articles blasted out all over the place- i use article post robot and love it.
2) 1 article sent to ezinearticles - manual entry
3) I set up my profile submissions with keyword linking to about 50 sites - brute force linking loophole
4) I run a special bot that I made that gets my site indexed QUICKLY. You can also submit a story on digg to get quickly indexed too, or even list your site in your warrior forum sig as well..the s.e's will find it.
5) I then run another to create some web 2.0 properties with another article that gets spun several times and is listed on those sites - think linkwheel software
6) I also utilize rss submission software and bookmarking software
7) I also get about 10 comments put out on some dofollow blogs as well. Good comments, nothing spammy that says "hey, delete me since i'm an idiot spammer". It's not to hard to read a post on someone's blog and make a contributing comment to it. I utilize a free blog commenter tool as well as blog commenting demon.

A note on bookmarking software. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Don't bookmark your money sites..i mean you could, but the smart link method is to get other web 2.0 properties that CONTAIN your link bookmarked instead. You want to create that backlink asset pool up. This is a great way to do it.

That's a very basic layout of my quick up and running site creation process. I utilize several different themes and layouts that have been tweaked for ctr. I'm a huge proponent of:

a) get them on your site
b) get them off your site with some gentle passive persuasion to click a link.

But I always give them good information if that makes sense. You want a google reviewer to look at your site and say that this site isn't spammy and does give SOME benefit to a viewer.

I also do some other high intensity, off the chart that no one really does anymore backlinking as well. I usually do that once i see a site doing well. I'll reserve that for another discussion. For now, i laid out what i do for niche selection, how i brainstorm, and what tools and process i go through to get my next project up.

Good luck!
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    Thanks for the free advice. There seems to be plenty of free advice in this forum!
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      Thanks for sharing Kael41 (I don't know your name).

      Just one question for you. How do you make any decent money on a keyword phrase that only has 2000 visitors per month? I mean if we assume that not all those searches will result in actually searches (where people abandon the search without clicking on any site), where only about 50% will actually click through to our site of those who actually complete their searches, where only about 25% of those will actually click on an ad (if that) and where we will make only about 25% of the CPC...I mean you will end up with a mere 100 or 200 clicks per month off of an intial 2000 estimate. That's peanuts. Your looking at maybe $10 a month not a day.

      So how do you turn a 2000 visitor per month traffic into enough to make any money at it? If the traffic is not there how do you squeeze the proverbial blood out of turnip?

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    Hi Carlos - my name is actually David. Kael harkens back to a very obscure 1980's rpg computer game character that is only referenced once in an armory store

    My answer is centered around the actual niche. There are some niches that payout very very well, and all it takes is 10-15 clicks a day @ 2.00/click. You're assumption of $10/month is based on your presupposition that i'm involved in common everday niches. Far from it. I'm all over the board. The financial and legal sector actually has great payouts per click.

    Now, i prefer gems in the rough, so to speak. Long tail keyword, but popular, phrases that have more than 10k searches a month. It takes some digging, but they're there. That's just part of the work that you have to do. I'm one of those people that enjoy that work
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