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Hello All

About a week ago i started a little venture and purchased a keyword domain for a small niche, the keyword has 2,900 Exact searches a month according to Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

I'm on the 8th position in the Google results but i haven't had a single visitor click through to my site, i would of expected at least one to scroll down the page slightly to find my site. What's going on?

Have i missed a something in my research?

Help appreciated
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    That actually sounds about right, especially after only one week.

    2900 / 31 = 94 visits a day for the keyword, then you have to take in to account that I think 40% of searchers click on the #1 result, and it just goes down from that point onward. So after just one week I would not worry too much about it just yet.

    I would just keep on building on increasing your rankings for now.

    Other things to consider..

    1) Your website title - Needs to be enticing to make people want to click.
    2) Your description needs to also give a great insight into what you have to offer if they make that click.
    3) Google Keyword Tool at least in my own opinion can be slightly off some times.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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    I agree with Elliot.
    I have several SERPs on page 1 for some well searched phrases, yet the ones under the fold get very little traffic.

    Just keep pushing.

    yes, I am....

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  • 2900 / 31 = 94 visits a day for the keyword

    plus that is from the keyword tool which is not just google search but all of google search partners

    plus that is for searches, not clicks on natural search, many people click the ads and not the natural search

    I would never expect much traffic (20 uniques per day is a random guess) from something with 2900 searches per month in spot #1

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    Just one other thing,

    I noticed a few of these threads and want to point something out you may not be aware of! But if this has been said before, I apologize, I missed it!

    If you are logged into your Google account (gmail etc.) then Googles rankings appear with history, so your website could appear on the top page when in fact it isn't, Google is just rankings your website up there as you have visited it more.

    So, if it this is the case then no one else searching sees you!

    If you haven't tested, log out of your Google account and research the phrase and have a look to see if you are still there!!!!

    If you know about this and have already done this and you are still there then elliot seems to have hit the nail on the head, but be aware!

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      Well I have the same issue but I'm #1 and get 0 traffic. Maybe I don't understand keyword phrase traffic.

      Building My Empire 1 blog 1 product at a time.

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