What shouldn't we do in SEO anymore?

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Generally blog commenting and directory submission are now banned. What else shouldn't we do?
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    Google reasons why my site got deindexed by Google and you will find out what you can't do. As to what u should not do there are tons of SEO articles you can look at. Things that come to mind are keyword stuffing, poor quality content and misleading visitors.
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    Blog Commenting - Don't use keyword as a name in blog commenting process. It is wrong procedure to generate the backlinks from another website. You should avoid this process also.
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    One (from many) I can add:

    Do not copy/paste articles from other sources, please, do not...

    Don´t know if it is your case, but is a common mistake.

    Good luck
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    You can apply every SEO technique for your site. But you should not spam. It is a big crime in the eye of Google.
    You must know that SEO works slowly, it is a slow process. So you should wait and see.
    Every day create some top quality backlinks. You need one high authority backlink, not 100 low-quality backlinks.
    I f you have already banned so you should wait some days and then apply other SEO techniques.
    Thanks, Mytechgoal.
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    There is no single rule .. it depends and varies site to site... you can check blackhat forums and they do all kind of stuff and rank their sites..warriors say no no that should not be done

    but it all depends on total amount of all factors..if your site is totally spammy then its going nowhere

    I know some blog directories that not only accept submissions, but they are paid and they work amazing results !!!

    how do i know this ??

    google told me !!

    yeah i had googled some top webmasters and reading stuff on their blogs ( like neil patel etc ) I did some submissions and then forgot about it

    then i was going thru my google webmaster tools and clicked on sites linking and there was this blog directory with 100s of my pages linked and was on top !!

    since then i used that with all my sites....

    anyway as i was telling use google webmaster tools and check the stats regularly and you will get an idea.......
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    Keyword stuffing is something that should definitely be avoided. Although you need to get the keyword(s) in the be noticed/ranked, you cant over-use them.
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    1. Blog commenting
    2. Directory submission
    3. Keyword stuffing
    4. Farm linking
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    Blog comments - actually it depends how you comment. If you comment on unrelated topics to your niche, then you might don't want blog comments. But if you comment on related sites to your niche with meaningful comment, good. But it should NOT be the main link building.
    Directories - submitting to directories that is not relevant to your niche or directories with poor moderation is not good. But if you could find directories relevant to your niche and it has strict approval, then you can submit on thsoe directories. Again, should not be a main link building.
    Keywods stuffing - should be avoided. Google is much stricter now when it comes to keyword stuffing.
    Avoid having duplicate content as well.
    So what is the best backlink to make? On websites relevant to your niche or sites that has authority. I also look if those actual sites are getting organic visitors. If all is true, you should want to have links on those sites. Links preferably inside an article related to your niche.
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