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Hi guys I'm new to SEO unfortunately I pay some guy to coach me you can guess how that's going lol. Well all my frustration with this scam artist has let me here . I made a weebly page about a week ago and notice my DA was at 94 do to Weebly DA and page rank on 0 . Now yestureday my Weebly paged showed up on google search as #1 but that is only because I added the word Weebly to the keyword search without it it not even on the top 100. Today my page didn't even show up after writing the full URL on the google search the same happen 2 days confuse....on another note I ran audits and my keywords are nice and lovely and using the keyword planner I used a long tail keyword that gets 10-100 searches so I'm in a low competion zone and I'm ranking for a dentist site to then a client .Now I got 3 questions. 1 . How long until my site starts ranking up with out vanishing every 2 days ? 2 could I use a fake adress not for the snack pack but for citation purposes and backling indexes and directory sites ? 3 using Weebly how can I make sure that my site is not targeting my location and how can I set it up to show up in a different town only. Ohhh yea n my domain name is similar to my URL is that good?
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    Would you like to share your site?
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    The first thing I am hoping is that the content on your site is written more clearly than your question on here! Anyway, if you're hoping to rank better for a local business, then I suggest taking a look at the "Google My Business Help Center", and also the "Google Maps Help Center".

    You say that, " domain name is similar to my URL..." - but since they are pretty much the same thing, I wonder if you're suggesting that the business name is the same, which is indeed a good thing for SEO.

    Having said that, new sites will often do the "Google dance" for a while, and then settle down to a particular ranking. If you reckon Google has de-indexed it, then that is usually because they think some kind of spamming is going on, for instance lots of backlinks appearing too quickly for a new site.

    I suggest taking a look at some free info from sites like and

    Best wishes,

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    Seeing your 3 questions Doc, I feel for ya But I also suggest you immediately move from Weebly to a WP dot org site. I am huge on going with the most brandable, flexible site if you want to eventually grow this, which it seems like you do.

    I see you hired a coach and you are asking questions to get the ball rolling. Now it is time to step it up, to the big-time. I feel it'll be tough to rank and also grow a Weebly site; not enough potential there, from a biz-building and brand perspective.
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    Free weebly sites are noindex in robots.txt, have been for 2 years.
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    You could select WordPress. Weebly itself has some problems. Many are suffering the same problem. So I suggest you migrate self-hosted WordPress if you are serious about your site and want to do something better using your site.
    Thanks, Mytechgoal.
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    We checked your domain and it is indexed within the Google servers.
    If you click HERE you will see it appear in the listings.

    This is relatively still a brand new site as far as search engines go. It can take longer for a site to appear by searching for specific keywords. I did take a closer look in the editor and see that you have not added keywords and a description to every page in your site. This is highly recommended as it can help increase the ranking of individual pages in the site. To do that go to the 'Pages' tab, click the page on the left, then choose 'advanced'. Note: Any content you add to each page's Advanced SEO areas. Should ONLY be relevant to that page and not the entire site.

    Be sure to sign up for Google's Webmaster tools. This will help you learn more about your site and help guide you on getting better rankings in Google.

    The following article on our help site shows the exact steps you should take in order to get verified with Google Webmaster tools.

    Once you get the verification completed and you have made the necessary changes to the SEO of your site. Visit this Google site to learn how to use your new Webmaster Tools service to request a site crawl. That will help get your new data out there faster. Just be sure to publish your site before requesting the crawl.

    You may also want to be verified by Bing/Yahoo as well. You can do that here:

    Bing is also offering up to $100 in free advertising credits.

    Finally, have patience. It can take months for a site to get good rankings. If that doesn't happen. Rework your keywords, descriptions and your content. Google loves sites that are updated regularly. This tells them that your site is up-to-date and active.

    Hope this information helps.
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    Submit to Webmaster tools and click on Fetch as Google it'll be indexed in minutes. Same goes for any website or free blog. If that doesn't work if you share your site I might be able to work out what's going on. You might have poor on-page SEO which won't help matters.
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