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Hi, I have a landing page, typical sales page for one of my sites. My web developer is making this old site into a responsive site.

1. I am hoping spending money on this will bring in better results for any SEO work I do afterwards and therefore better rankings - is this right?

2. I am trying to do some on-page KW research in readiness and understand 4-5 KW is maximum number really for a landing page. Problem I am having is all the KW's I have come up with are obviously long tail and really do not fit into the context of the sales page and to repeat more than once would be impossible. Do not want to change too much because landing page converts as is. The KW's that are fitting better are more broad and more competitive - like over 300,000 when I put into quotes.

Would appreciate any help - I really do not know how to go about this. Thank you.
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    Is your LP (landing page) with unique Domain, or you have a website and create sub-domain for your landing page?

    What is your purpose of this LP? And, why you are focusing on KW?

    If your purpose to collect lead or promote any product, then you should go to the paid campaign using this landing page. And, if you think you will get some organic traffic in your landing page from search engine, it will be a bit tough to get ranked in search engine, since it will not meet all of ranking factors requirement.
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      Hi Yasinfaruk, Thank you!

      Unique domain and has opt in on sales page and option to buy ebook at end of sales page. It just works and converts like this. I wanted to try some SEO and then was told I need to change this traditional style html site and make responsive to make 'mobile friendly' for Google.

      Do you think it is worth going down this route or leave as is and just concentrate on paid advertising and not concentrate on SEO? Words on landing is approx 2000.

      Thanks again
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    Dont target too many keywords in a single page. It will create negative effect unless you have a lot of words in your post or page.
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