Google does not use rank by keyword anymore!

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Apparently, Matt Cutts, the famous Google engineer clarified the issue which often confuses webmasters and SEO experts. Now we have an official word from Google that Keywords Meta Tag are not used at all for!
What are your thoughts ????

Check it out here:
Google Does not use keywords meta tags for webranking | GDI Blog - SEO - Webdesign - Adsense - Blogger tips
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    That's fair enough. It would still make sense to include them though as I'm sure other spiders probably still do use them, even though they may not place much importance on them nowadays.
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    Old news and Google isn't the only search engine in town so I still use meta tags on all my sites......

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    I only use meta keywords to help me to stay focus on the keywords I am optimizing for. I don't stuff meta keywords and I only limit to 3 to 5 keywords that are relevant to the primary keyword. It may not for Google but some search engines may still rely on meta keywords.
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    i agree, but Yahoo and some other search engines still see these tags in crawling..
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    My opinion is that anywhere you can use your primary keywords (and I use only up to five) is a good thing, if you can make it look like you are not spamming. Using keywords in the title and body and even image tags is great, but use it in the page title and meta tags too and it does increase the density.
    I dont think google mean they dont use or refer to meta tags, I think they mean they dont place any specific importance on them, over and above other keyword placements.


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    Yea, i still build for all the search engines and not just google. This is sort of old news, but still, any kind of confirmation out of Google is a good one.
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