2 sites on one hosting account vs 2 accounts

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I have one hosting account with my provider

I have 2 different, unrelated websites (domains) to host.

Imagine that I make 2 "users" on my account (my host calls them "users" which are not the same thing as sftp users - see below)

On the server for this host, this would look like:

Folder path: /home/username-one/abc.com

Folder path: /home/username-two/xyz.com

My questions:

1. Since both sites would be within the same /home directory, would search engines see these sites as one website, or as subdomains, or something like that? Or would they consider them completely different, separately hosted websites?

2. What do you think about using this setup vs creating two entirely separate hosting accounts?

Thank you so much for your assistance

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