How many backlinks good for website per day?

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i have a photo editing company website. i wants to backlink for website. anyone suggest me? how many backlink i can do for my website per day.

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    Focus on quality, not quantity even no right answer for this. There is no such thing, follow organic growth path.
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    There is no limit for that.
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    There is no such thing as too many backlinks per day - unless all you are adding are crappy backlinks that are not editorially reviewed.

    If you can place a link, yourself, without anyone making a decision on the other site about whether to link to you or not, it is a bad, worthless backlink. Build too many of those, too fast, and you could get into trouble.

    You should be trying to get REAL backlinks from other sites that WANT TO link to yours. Links that THEY place on their sites - not ones you can easily place, yourself. If you do that, the real question should be "how many of those do you really think you can get per day/week/month"?
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    Hi seoserviceusa,

    One really good backlink is worth more than 10,000 crappy ones.

    A better question to ask yourself is "how good of a backlink can I get?", not how many.

    Don't get caught in the fools trap of thinking that the quantity of backlinks is important, it is not. It is the quality of the backlink that matters.


    Don Burk
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