SEO benefits of writing one big article over three smaller articles?

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Hi all,

From a SEO perspective, what's better:

One article 6,000 words in length.


Three articles 2,000 words in length each.

I understand this may be a 'it depends' answer but any insights are appreciated.


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    It is an 'it depends' question

    In general if the articles stand alone and are covering different aspects of a topic eg:
    - How much is a loft extension
    - Loft extensions and planning permission
    they should be seperate articles. Where you shoudl think about consolidating or combining articles is where there is significant overlap between topics, eg:
    - How much does a loft extension cost
    - Average loft extension price
    - Cost of adding an awning to a loft

    I'd say if your 3 articles are each 2000 words it is unlikely they'd fall into the latter category.
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      Thanks. Makes sense. Looks like I'm going to have to split up the almost 6k article I've written.
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    The length of the articles doesn't matter at all. As long as the article serves its objective of delivering information its perfectly fine.
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    I think second option its better because in this way you target also 3 keywords and you have also more chance of ranking
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    Long articles is definitely good for seo, but by seo standard 2,000 word article is not a short but a long article. If you were talking about 500 word article, then that would be a short article.

    So three 2,000 words articles is the same as three long articles, while one 6,000 words article is one very long article. I say go for the three 2,000 words articles.
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    I've been over this a dozen times, long articles are an illusion.

    The length is not ranking pages and that same content can be broken up into multiple internal pages (SEO silo) to rank multiple pages for the exact same keyword instead of one ranked page.

    Only build long pages when it makes sense for traffic.
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    This is definitely an 'it depends' question.

    It depends on the following things:
    • How tightly related are these pages
    • Are these pages all targeting the same keywords
    • When you search google now for these different keywords is it ranking the same pages or different for your queries

    If you're targeting the same keywords or keywords that are closely related I would most DEFINITELY do a longer post targeting all the keywords.

    This is related to hummingbird...if you build 3 pages instead of one that are all targeting the same keywords it's going to work against you. Your pages are going to end up competing with each other and google won't know which one should be higher and it will end up causing them both to have sub-par results.

    Take these keywords for example:

    fat diminisher
    fat dimisher review
    fat dimisher bonus

    These keywords are all very tightly related and should be ranked on one page.

    You can take care of the targeting in this case with your URL's and Titles (as well as your anchor text re: off page SEO)

    For example:


    SEO Title:
    Fat Diminisher Bonus and Complete Review

    LSI or keyword variation

    But then this example:
    emergency dentist louisville
    emergency dentist cincinnati
    emergency dentist nyc

    These keywords should be targeted on different pages (obviously).

    The thing is google will show you what's best clearly just by you searching for the keywords and page topics that you are ranking/thinking of ranking and by them showing you what is currently ranking now.

    That's what they want to see. At this point, that's the best they got.

    Hope that helps.
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    Writing a big article has a good effect if your website is an affiliate website or a page. In my Engineering Blog I use to write each article between 300-500 words.
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    I would always go for a 6000 words article.
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    Long article are good for website. But I will choose the second option, because I can share three different ideas through these three articles so I can make huge traffic to my website. And the keyword density will be high, so we can improve the SERP ranking of our website.
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    2000 - 3000 words article perform well in SEO.
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    Writing a long blog of 6000 words or smaller blogs of 2000 words each; totally depends on the following:
    1. How related are these topics?
    2. Do the topics have an overlapping theme?
    3. Are the keywords included in the 3 different blogs have a resemblance to each other?

    If the answer for all the above questions is a 'YES'.. then you may certainly opt for a long 6000 words article. This will help in better SEO ranking and effective keyword targeting.
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    Articles with long text are better for SEO instead of small articles. All the keywords for which you want to rank for can be very well written in the long article.
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    A 6000 word is a headache for SEO and audience too.
    Information overflow occurs in your audience and they leave your page.
    Try To Use Pagination, and make 3000-4000 word long Post
    I'm a Technical SEO expert and SEO consultant and a Fron End Developer too
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      Yeah, I totally agree with that advise.
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    I agree with the person above. The chances someone is going to read through 6,000 words is nil
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    Hi stedavies,

    Article length is not an SEO factor, Article length is a usability and user experience factor. Never ask about article length on an SEO forum because you'll get lots of invalid answers.

    Ask yourself if it makes sense to have one article or several. Ask your users what they prefer?

    It's not a valid SEO question.


    Don Burk
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    Not enough information to answer the question. 6,000 words is a super long article. Many small ebooks are that long.

    Personally, I'd stop worrying so much about word count when you're over 1,500 words and just finish the subject. If this specific article can be split into a main topic with sub-topics, it can be very powerful for SEO as you can interlink all three pieces. However, if you need 6,000 words to fulfill the promise of the title and cover the topic, go for it.
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    If you put yourself in the position of the reader, would you be interested in reading all those 6000 or 2000 words? unless it's greatly elaborated and a very interesting topic that needs to be well fleshed out, I doubt people would stay and finish it. I wouldn't.

    But why choose? You can put out one long article every once in a while and consistently put out short ones from more frequently. Short articles for informative news type content and long ones for concepts that need to be well explored.
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  • Originally Posted by stedavies View Post

    Hi all,

    From a SEO perspective, what's better:

    One article 6,000 words in length.


    Three articles 2,000 words in length each.

    I understand this may be a 'it depends' answer but any insights are appreciated.


    Hi, I think you already take your answer. Yes, the 6,000-word article is the best and perfect. You can go with this.
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