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I would love to respectfully ask for some advice from you adwords savvy warriors out there.

Here's the deal:

I have a $75 dollar credit towards my adwords campaign that I'm want to use to promote my ebook website.

My questions are:

1-Should I set the daily amount at the full $75?

2-Should I write the ad to promote the website as a WHOLE or...

3-is it best to pick an individual product and write the ad around IT?

Thanks in advance!
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    No dont set the daily amount to $75 unless you want it all gone in one day.

    For best results you'll want at least 1 week of ads to run so you can see daily fluctuations.

    Even if you set it at $75/day, doesnt mean you'll spend that much. It depends how competitive your keywords are.

    To answer Q3 - specific adgroups always do best.. you'll need to do your keyword and competitor research in order to know what will perform best. You can't just throw a new adwords campaign up and expect results - you could blow your money in minutes or you could get 0 impressions, totally depending upon how your campaign is set up.
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      What do you think about testing out a campaign by only running the very cheapest keywords? I think its like 7cents, at least for Yahoo. I'm thinking about only bidding the minimum just to check out a bunch of keywords, but some folks say to get aggressive with bidding.
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        I feel that by using cheap keywords I will severely limit the ads' impressions. But it's been awhile since I've used Adwords so this may be a great strategy to get going again!

        Thanks for your thoughts Jay!
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    Thank you Rebecca!

    You clarified a lot!

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      Also, set each of your keywords into tight groups that all have similar keywords, then make the ad for each group have the title as the keyword so it gets Bolded.

      Like for example the keywords for one group are:
      [Internet Marketing]
      [How To Do Internet Marketing]
      [Internet Marketing Experts]

      Then make the ad something like:
      Internet Marketing
      Learn Internet Marketing Today
      Start Making Money
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    Remember to target the right country. I own several sites selling resell right eBooks, highest conversion rate is US and UK 2% to 3% conversion rate.
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      Great to know these conversion rates Superman. I'm an ebook website newbie and any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Very cool Harrison!

    I will definitely do this.

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    You may consider bidding on keywords that match some of your products
    Typically look for words that cost below $0.05 per click that gives you an estimate of 1500 potential clicks to work with.
    Look at what your competitors are doing, learn from their ads.
    Work on quality score and make ads relevant to the landing pages.
    That should give you lower costs per click.
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    1. Stick to individual product landing pages - you'll get better quality score. QS is one of the most important factors that guides your CPC.
    2. Set your budget based on how much traffic that KW is getting.
    3. You want to run your ads in all the "awake" hours - you don't yet know what time of the day you get max conversions, so you need to test.
    4. Set start/end times to your campaigns to make sure ur getting clicks from the right geo.
    5. Test for conversions after every 100 clicks or so / or based on your revenue/sale - important
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    There is great info on all this on this years 30 day challenge!

    You should look it up and go threw the days that they show you ad-words its great stuff! look at day 19 and day 22!

    -Matt G
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