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My name is Piotr Sierant, I am a graphic designer from Poland, working as a freelance designer for 10 years now and ready to go international and make new website in english..

My polish domain name is - Pan Piotr simply means Mr. Peter - and it worked, easy to remember, short. I have also domain but the word "panpiotr" sounds too weird in english because nobody knows that "pan" means "mr." or "sir".

I would like to ask people who live in english speaking country for help. I would be very grateful for the advice from You

Should I go for or Someone said that (my last name) sounds luxury because it sounds French.
What do You think? What domain name would be best sounding, easy to memorize and spell? Maybe ? What is actually difference between Mr and Sir?

As you may know domains like etc. are already taken
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    Out of those four, seems the most convincing name.
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    Mr and Sir? Think "Hey Mister(Mr.)" and "Excuse me Sir". Mr. can be pretty much be said to any man where as Sir is usually used by a respectful youth addressing an older man. Sir is also used more in service, like a waiter addressing a male customer for example. Out of the examples I'd go with but it may be better if you can lose the r. There are no words (I can think of in the English language that end with tr so it will be prone to typos you will have to say it 3 times to an American because Piot is also not like too many English words or names so it all combined is a bit much. Most Americans would probably pronounce Piot, similar to the way we pronounce Riot.
    You may also want to think about dropping the er in designer.,, I know lots of people have reservations about dashes but or, would be far less confusing from an American perspective and you would only have to say it once for it to stick . is ok an does sound high end but I'm a fan of names that include what you do when possible like the words design/designs/designer/graphics/grfx .,,, . Lol take care.
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    By the way - PS is tricky because it is a shortcut from Photoshop
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    It's hard to come up with a new catchy domain name, but I think it's a good idea to add the word ''Design'' into the domain name.

    Good luck with you new website
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    Finally decided to (Piotr without "r") to start with because it is easy to pronounce and somewhat original and I have an idea for some typography design in that name. Always I can change Thanks. I must admit this is a great forum. You all have been very helpful.
    BTW there is a famous professor Peter Piot - I have found out, so I know how to correctly pronounce this from YouTube
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    Just wondering what did i do that my reply got deleted
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    President99 - I do not know why it was deleted, but feel free to e-mail me if you want some nice design.

    After a lot of searching and several hours of sleep I finally decided and purchased domain: for english and - for polish (it is for later). It is bold and simple like me The Title will be Freelance Designer Peter, or something like that (I want to SEO up keyword Freelance Designer - in Poland Grafik Freelancer is ranking at 5 place (3 at best), but I have to admit that if I do not try to write SEO-wise description, but something I really want to say and not thinking about keywords - I got much more clients from organic search. looks good too, but I do not want hypen.
    p-design is free but looks a little wierd to me.
    ps-design or similar whould be good, but it is shortcut from Photoshop so every possible combination with design/s/er is taken.
    PiotDesign is not good too because I have serious competitor (from Poland!) PjotDesign (with "j") - they design furnitures

    I really appreciate all the feedback from all of You! Many thanks!
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