Should I submit my site to google now? Also how do I get more visitors, views, and followers?

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So I've been working on sprucing up my website a bit now and I don't really have any audience at all. The most amount of views I've gotten since I've started (according to my jetpack analysis) being 76 with the most being 16 views on August 5th (which I feel like may have come from people here checking the site out sadly).

So should I submit my website to other search engines now? Because I don't run anywhere yet and I haven't been able to find myself via google search, so for now I'm kinda stuck. On top of that, I'm not entirely sure how to attract people to the site. I do keyword research and SEO but I don't entirely understand it and I'm not sure I'm doing this right at all.
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    Yea submiting website its a good option .I check your website and it looks to amateur ,i dont mean you are an amteur but your blog its unprofesional .Try to get a better theme and make the font bigger for people to write .Include a contact page diclaimer etc .Also you can try to promote your site on social media facebook groups etc
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      Which theme should I get. I spent about 60 dollars to get the one I have now.
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      Also, are you saying I shouldn't submit my website yet because the site looks to amateurish (and I am an amateur to blogging so that doesn't surprise me)
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    I gone through your website. You can make better design of your site. Keep same font size. Add contact, about us pages. I don't see any logo on site. You will get more views for blog from social media also, if your blog is informative. Put social icons on site. Put blog/ articles to respective category.
    After that you do submissions like
    1. Social Bookmarking Submission
    2. Directory Submission
    3. Blog Submisson

    You must submit site blogs on social media like facebook, twitter, Linkedin. You have to do study of social media posting.


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      Though I already have an about me page on the site.

      Also how should I improve the design? I assume you mean how it looks aesthetically
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        Please check other sites. I mean analyse competitor sites.
        Add social media icons on site. footer at the bottom.
        Be on social media. Add social media icons on sites. Keep posting blogs on facebook and Linkedin. That will give you more visitors.

        [URL=""] Food Lover

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    Check to see if you're index. If you're indexed, then no need to submit your site to Google.

    You can submit a XML sitemap, but that is NOT going to help you rank.

    I will say it need to build a private blog network.
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    Okay, so i recently found out that you can find my website via google searching, but the problem is that you need to be looking specifically for me and you can't seem to find me by keywords or anything like that.
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    Hello unblockedwriter,

    It is never late to submit your website on google. However, to take the first mover advantage is it always better to submit your sites regularly.

    Use Google's Keyword Planner for Keyword Planning and regularly do Sear Engine Optimisation for your website.

    Make sure your website has the keywords in it so that it becomes easy for you to get your website rank. For off-page SEO, submit articles, blogs etc to create backlinks.

    If you wish to spend a little money, you can opt for a digital marketing agency to help you rank your website.
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