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These days i have sent many mail to some websites to seeking a cooperation for link exchange.Does the link exchange helpful for my website? How do i get more mail reply?Or how do i find out some websites that want to do link exchange too?
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    Instead of exchanging links, why don't you go for link building through off-page SEO activities?
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    Link exchanging can help but I would not just rely to it. Better go for Guest posting and community posts.
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    • Oh,yes ,link exchange is one of my ways,can you tell me how do you find the websites that want to do some link exchange,i want to find more sites .Is there any forums or other places that can do the link exchange?
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    Instead of exchange links, you should try Guest posting or link roundup.
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    • YES ,i have try it too.But these days ,i want to make some progress on link exchange.
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      What is link roundup? Can you please explain?
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    Link exchanging may help you. But building the link is the best solution. Do off page activities for link building Like:
    • Directory Submission
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Blog, Article Submission
    • Guest Posting
    • Question and Answering
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    Link exchange is the old techniques. This is not in existence. It worked in 2012 & 2013. Now you can create a blog and link on your website. It helps you to promote your website.
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    Link exchange is good for incoming links as it bring lots of traffic towards your site. It's good when the page to which your linking has a high authority.
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    I am also getting emails on placing links on my existing old blog posts and there is a reason behind this.
    To improve rankings you need backlinks from high DA (MOZ METRIC) and high PA web pages...
    With normal guest posts/sponsored posts we get links from high DA sites but not from high PA sites.
    Page Authority (PA) is the backbone of any backlink.
    and that's why I guess you are getting link exchange requests from other sites.

    Use ahrefs (free account) to get niche relevant sites list and contact them for link exchange.

    I hope this gonna helpful.
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    • Thanks a lot.i have try.One more quesetion,if i send you an email to exchange ,will you read it and reply it?
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  • Profile picture of the author Rory Singh
    Link exchanges can hurt your ranking. It used to work in the past but can damage your ranking.

    Learn to promote your content by using the search feature above.

    Success online takes hard work and determination.

    Here is an article by Google on link exchanges:
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    Link exchange is a good practice - if you do it right. It has a potential to positively impact site traffic and improve SEO.
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    Be careful link exchange is sometimes negative and can harm your website. If you want to proceed with it, you both will have to add the links inside high quality contents and the websites should be related
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