My keywords were on position 32, but suddenly dropped to 70..

by mirfan
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I have a hosting website anzwebhosts. I was ranking keywords like "web hosting in Pakistan" it was on position 32 in google on root domain. But after one day it disappears from the root domain, and now google is showing results on mydomain/web-hosting-in-pakistan and it is on position 75.
I am very worried about it, can anyone guide me?
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    Check your backlinks first, disavow the thin links first. Then make some quality backlinks, it may help you to rank soon.
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    Check out the latest changes made by Google. I agreed to connorcortese about checking backlinks and find out quality backlinks.
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    Are you passing backlinks juice to rank your website at the moment?

    If yes, its a google dance and your SERP results will get stabilized in 15 to 30 days

    If you have not built any backlinks yet and your rankings are dropped then its time to find our WHY?
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      i have made 700 backlinks, its my business, i made directory links, guest posts, on sites having DA more than 80, and blog comments.
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    Google doesn't like white hat, black hat or any other form of false back linking schemes lately.

    No matter how you cut's manipulation.

    I'm sure the guys selling SEO will disagree.

    SEO is a tough game.

    Learn how to promote your content using social media and other platforms that are in alignment with you site.

    Also make sure you have good content to give people in return for the traffic that you want.
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    google get specific page for your keyword.. you are using keyword in url for that page and may be content also. google think that this your page for that keyword. Create backlink for this new page if your on page is according to your that keyword.
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    Don't worry it's a google dance i also experienced same situation.!!!
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    Is your website new??
    If yes, it will happen. Because ranking will fluctuate initially. Be patient.
    If Not, then you have to do submissions on high PR sites that will help you to get quality backlinks. And it will help to rank High again.
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