Does it make sense to link to others' news stories?

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I have a news feed on my website, that we create original content for. We publish around one article per month - relevant information to our customers, and try to incorporate SEO keywords into my writing.

Some of my customers will write articles similar to me, or get postings in local newspapers/on local TV... would it make sense (from an SEO standpoint) for me to re-publish those articles on my website? Will that do anything for me? Or can I go about it a different way that WILL help?

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    I do curation a lot when I'm stuck for writing ideas and it sounds like that might be something for you to consider.

    If your customers are writing about the same topics etc, then get a list of the top 10 or whatever that you like, put them in a list with a very brief summary of what they said, then add your own insights to that.

    I think you'll find that model works pretty well and can generate some decent traffic and more love from those whom you highlight when you email them and ask them to share the link around.
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    From an SEO stand-point, it diversifies your link profile and so could be beneficial - of course having your own content that others link to would be much better and would make you seem like a much more authoritative source for rankings.
    As Clint suggests, you would be better off curating and just linking within the content
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