What keywords should i use for my niche?

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Hello guys,

I am new to the forum, and the forum looks great and very helpful. I run a site for news, fun and entertainment and i would like to ask some of more experienced users here, what are the best keywords to use it for my niche to bring more organic traffic?

My website url is: usa-time.com

Thanks in advance,
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    Keyword is very much important.
    You can not find the most profitable keywords manually.
    You have to use keyword research tool.
    You can use KWFinder or SEMrush. Both tools are awesome.
    You can follow your competitors, what types of keywords they are using.
    Then go KWFinder and search using your keywords. It will show the details of your keywords and other relevant keywords.
    It also tells you which keywords you should use as a beginner and which keywords you should not.
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  • Have a look at Moz Keyword Explorer.

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    You are going to get a lot of terrible advice about how it is important to pick the right keywords and what keyword tools to use. Ignore all of it.

    Here is the truth: You should forget about keywords and you should forget about organic search traffic. You are likely never going to rank for news, fun, and entertainment related keywords. There is too much competition with very deep pockets.

    Instead you should focus on social media. Start a Facebook page and get some Facebook ads going to get followers. The kind of content you are posting is much more likely to get traffic from Facebook and Twitter than it ever is in the search engines.
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      A properly optimised keyword profile will make the site better nonetheless. It is probably not worth investing a lot of money in Keyword planning, as MikeFriedman highlights, but I wouldn't go as far as to suggest not to bother at all! I may be worth a bit of your time.
      The natural purpose of keyword exploration is to work out what terms are common for your niche - thus if you find out what they are, you are likely to have better content.
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    Use Google Keyword planner to research some high traffic keywords
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  • Keyword is most important one part in organic traffic so research keywords with low and medium competitions.
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    Find your competitor, examine their activity, keyword and all that..... Do some research on those keyword. Think like a user, you can get best result....
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