How can I get the best Rank Tracker tool for SEO?

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This forum seems to be where the experts hang out, so I will ask y'all. I have a new website on Wordpress, looking for on page SEO, ranking tools, backlinks, good package. There seems to be tons out there. I searched here and there are SEOPressor, Yoast, SEMrush, SEOProfiler, MOZ, SEOPowersuite, IBP or other suggestions. Who has used any of these and ranked on Google page 1 or 2? How difficult are your keywords to get that good of ranking? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Most of those tools do different things.

    What is it specifically you want to do?
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      Thank you for replying Mike. On page optimization, build back links, check rankings. Is that not something that does it all? Just need direction.
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        Originally Posted by KnowYouGo View Post

        Thank you for replying Mike. On page optimization, build back links, check rankings. Is that not something that does it all? Just need direction.

        Screaming Frog does a pretty good job of helping with onpage SEO. It doesn't spoon feed you everything though. You need to know what to look for.

        Web Auditor from SEO Powersuite and the audit function inside SEMRush are not bad. I don't agree with everything they point out as "errors" actually being an issue though. For example, I think SEMRush believes that there should be a certain text to HTML ratio on a webpage. If you have too much code compared to the amount of text that appears on a page, it flags it, which is just silly.

        Any backlink building tool out there is just going to build spam. If you want to build spam, GSA SER is probably the most efficient in terms of what it can do and ease of use. There is no tool that will build good quality backlinks.

        For rank checking, my favorite is RankWatch. There are others out there, but RankWatch has been consistently accurate and relatively problem free for me for over 2 years now. I cannot say that about any other rank tracker I have ever used.
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    For OnPage Optimization prepare a check list of your own and follow that you dont need a specific tool for it.
    For building backlinks or checking where your competitors are building links use Ahrefs it best tool for this purpose.
    Serplab Or SerpBook are the best tools for rank checking pick anyone as per your budget.
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    Screaming Frog Majestic SEO, semrush ahrefs are the best SEO TOOLS
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    If you are new to SEO I would not buy any tool unless I get my basics clear and know how to use them effectively. However I will try to use free seo tools that are available in the market.

    It has a Multiple seo metrics checker that shows seo metrics from Alexa, Semrush, Majestic and Moz for free. Other tools like website seo checker, keyword suggestion etc are also recommended.
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      Not new to SEO, it has been 3 years since I have done it and a lot has changed of course. Thanks for all of the tips and directions on which way to go.
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    Thumbs up for SEO PowerSuite. I use it for a couple of years already. Rank Tracker is good for monitor rankings.WebsiteAuditor is my right-hand for on-page issues.
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    Hey, Ahrefs has rolled out an update on their rank tracker feature. We're using it and it's pretty detailed.
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    For paid tools MOZ is good and it will cover almost every aspect of SEO. For free tools smallseotools are good
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    I highly recommend Screaming Frog, it can easily create a list of your internal pages and looks for internal and outbound links per page. This tool is the one of the best in terms of conducting on-site website audits.
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    I am using serps dot com tool to check the keyword ranking for multiple countries. Also using below tools for my website to improve the SEO performance
    MOZ tool - ON Page Issues, Competitive backlinks, MOZ campaigns
    SEM Rush - Competitors Organic performance
    Screaming Frog - ON Page Meta Data and Broken link issues
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    SE Ranking is a pretty accurate in its ranking results though not expensive at all. I'm using its SEO/PPC Competitor research tool, and it's smth that saves few hours daily for me.
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    SEM Rush tool, Majestic tool for backlinks
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    Google web master tool is the best rank checker tool for SEO
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    Serplab is the best tool for Keywords rank checking. i always use this tool to check my own keywords because serplab provide the accurate destination of your keyword on
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