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Hi guys,
I'm starting a new blog and I have read about the yoast plugin for SEO. Wondering if I should use it?
My articles are ready and optimized. 500 words. Keywords density including longtail keywords 25.
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    I have been using the free version and i think you should give it a try! It's a great plugin to start with! I am also new to blogging and it has given me some really awesome help!
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    My seo team asks me to have this plugin installed on every wordpress site I put up for them. Can't tell you how they use it, but they love it.
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      You see! For them to ask you that then it means that it does a pretty nice work
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    It does nothing for SEO. It reminds you to put the keyword in a few places. That's all it does. If you choose the wrong keyword, you're lost. If you choose a keyword that's more competitive than you think, it does not help.

    You do not need it.

    It might actually work against you, if you don't know SEO: it says nothing about your related keywords.
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    You can try installing "All In One SEO" Plugin for Wordpress Website.

    You can update meta title and description if you want to targe Google.com and + meta tags for Bing search engine.

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    Hi guy1973,

    DABK nailed it!

    This tool, and others like it, are only useful in that they generate an XML sitemap and provide a handy way to modify your Page titles and description snippets.

    Yoast, in particular, has become a bloated over-hyped gimmick, IMHO. It's not the tool that matters, it's how you use it. What makes Yoast a poor choice for beginners, in my opinion, is that the out-of-the-box configuration can often cause a lot more harm than good. I've seen people have their website de-indexed due to some of the default configuration settings in Yoast.

    There are other plugins that do the core functions, like All-In-One SEO, that is less likely to create problems, and isn't going to spam the hell out of your admin panel like Yoast does.

    Just my opinion, and I can see why some newbies like the coaching feature of Yoast, though some of that is just superficial and/or dogmatic.

    If you know what you are doing you don't need the plugins, if you don't then you are likely to make the same mistakes even with the plugins. Not saying they have no use, just that you need to know what you are doing else you may do more harm than good.

    Don Burk
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    I don't know why people love Yoast, I feel its worst, I means are you agree to focus only opne keyword on your page of post?
    If you have given focused keywords then it can not accept "," or " ' " and the sequence words you have given should be same in Title, URL, Meta Title, Description, content, headline and yes in image ALT tag also.

    i don't know how this will helps, but yes giving the idea of content readability is the good feature.
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    Despite what others have said, Yoast is a helpful tool to install on Wordpress.

    It's free, and 30 minutes of reading will get it set up for you. Use it to ensure every page has a well written meta title and description, and has all the other basic SEO checklist items ticked off.
    MonetizationMethod.com - You don't actually need a tonne of traffic to monetize your blog..
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    I find it is a great tool, but yes, you need to know the basics of SEO and bypass sometimes the suggestion from the tool.

    It is common sense: if you see the coaching tool is asking you to do something that does not make sense, so don't do it.

    For me, not being a writer, is a good reference to keep a better post that I had at the beginning.
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    I've been a web programmer for 18+ years and have developed many WordPress sites. I recommend Yoast SEO to my clients without hesitation as it can streamline the SEO process as well as double check your content against best practices.

    As others have mentioned, you'll need to do some homework to start using it. I send my clients to https://yoast.com/wordpress-seo/ to ramp up on SEO for WordPress. Spend time reading this as there are things critical to your SEO strategy that go beyond analyzing just the article/post content.
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    I love it. Easy way to connect the SEO dots.

    But the key factor in SEO is to write thorough, clear, helpful blog posts. I'd aim for 1000 words. 500 a bit thin methinks
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      What does thin have to do with number of words? 1,000 words that say nothing is thin, so is 10,000,

      Think is about the content of the content, not about how many words.

      A home loan, also known as a mortgage loan, is a type of loan that people get when they do not have enough money to pay the full price on a house. People who have enough money to pay the full price on a house (whether that house is a detached, single family house, a condominium unit, a townhouse or a 2 to 4-unit building doesn't matter), such people do not need a home loan.

      They can, of course, choose to get one. In that case, there is no difference in how they get about getting the loan compared to people who do not have enough money to pay the full price, the people who actually need a loan.

      I can go on like that for 1,000. If I did, it would be 1,000 words of thin content.

      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      I love it. Easy way to connect the SEO dots.

      But the key factor in SEO is to write thorough, clear, helpful blog posts. I'd aim for 1000 words. 500 a bit thin methinks
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    Yoast SEO plugin is a very wonderful plugin. You may use this plugin to easily writing suitable paragrap with a great seo optimization.
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    Yes you can use this plugin. it's very easy to use and it's very user friendly
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    Yes, You Can Use Yoast SEO Plugin.
    Yost Shows How Your Doing the Complete On-Site Metrics for that post/page. and also shows the Grammatical and readability scores also.
    So, Once try with trial version, then if you like that plugin the go with premium.

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    I Have Heard Nothing But The Best About Yoast
    The Free Version Is So Cool
    Great For Newbies
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    For 500 words for an article that has up to 25 keywords long, the keyword density is high. You have to adjust if not can not top.
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      Nah. A complete SEO plugin would do keyword research and analysis when you first create a page/post, then pay attention to how your page is actually found in Google and choose the best of those search terms.

      Originally Posted by Alycia Gordan View Post

      Yoast SEO is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin
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    The Yoast SEO is the world most popular plugin So don't leave this If you are facing any problem so you can contact their team.
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    Yes you can go with Yoast plugin, it is one of the best WordPress SEO plugin . If you are looking to buy this plugin then go for this because you'll more features in paid one.
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