A||-In-One: Forum/Social Profiles *satire*

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  • Make sure you use an appropriate username. For example, on an interpretive dance forum, a name such as "Cheap Viagra" would be ok, and on a Nascar site, feel free to use a username such as "Underwire Bras." After all, the primary link juice somes from the keywords being in your username.
  • On many vbulletin forums, the admin has limited the signature to 300 or sometimes even 200 characters. To maximize the signature space, be sure to use a url shortener such as bit.ly and use the shortest link text possible. For example, "a a a a a a" squeezes the most links in the available space and is much better than long keywords.
  • The key is speed. Make sure that you fill out your profila as soon as registering. This way you can jump on to the next site to start on the next profile FAST!
  • Once you have a great list of working profile-friendly sites, post the compiled list on your favorite b1ackhat (bluefart) forum to share the wealth with your "buds." They won't abuse it. I promise.
  • If you happen to locate a social site where you can post unlimited links, this is the time to drop in links to every single money site you own. Go ahead and add all of your linkwheel sites, too. Might as well add the latest batch of profiles you've put up. Of course, the best strategy in this case is to use your absolute best keywords as the link text - the ones that are super-low competition, high traffic and high dollar.

(Yes, this is tongue-in-cheek. Unfortunately, however, I've seen all of this.)
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