How to Improve Keyword Rank?

by LalendraKumar 23 replies
I am working on Hosting Niche. My one the keyword "QuickBooks Hosting" is stucking between 14 to 16 rank. i have been working last 2 month for this keyword to rank in first page. but still not rank. i do all important off page activity and on page activity. but still not improvement. i remove all webmaster errors. anyone can suggest me how can i improve this keyword ranking to #1 page.
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    Keep working on getting great, relevant backlinks (not the crappy ones you can place yourself anywhere you want). SEO is not an overnight operation. It can take many, many months for your efforts to have an effect. Keep doing things the right way and little by little, over time, your efforts will pay off.
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    Originally Posted by LalendraKumar View Post

    i do all important off page activity and on page activity. but still not improvement.
    What kind of important OffPage and OnPage activity do you implemented?
    Because not all websites created will be implemented the same SEO.

    Originally Posted by LalendraKumar View Post

    i remove all webmaster errors. anyone can suggest me how can i improve this keyword ranking to #1 page.
    Focusing solely in keyword will never rank you in 1st page because you missed the most important part, users needs and expectations from your site page.
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      Offpage Activity :
      Article Post
      Blog Post
      Social Sharing
      PPT, PDF
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      Onpage Activity :
      Meta, Sitemap, Robot, Alt, Image Opt, Site Speed Optimization
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    Can you please specify which kind of off-page activities you are already carrying out? As you stated that you are stuck between 14-16 rank right! So are you sure you are performing these activities on high authority sites?
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    Have you tried to get the links from .edu or .gov sites. You can also do guest post and submit your content on high DA websites.
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      I tried .edu site but for quickbooks hosting, there is not more site that can give quality back-link can you suggest how it can do ?
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  • 2 months is a short time. Keep plugging away and make sure you are doing things right concentrate on relevant high quality links. These are mostly gained from guest blogging.
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      How can i find guest blogging site on QuickBooks Hosting Niche?
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    You have not shared significant metrics in your question. Anyway, I am going to suggest few thing which may solve your problem.
    In order to appear on the 1st page you have to improve the metrics which I am going to mention below:
    1) Check and Improve your bounce rate: you can check your bounce rate in your analytics account.
    2)Total time spent on page: you check this in analytics.
    When a search engine sees that a page has a high bounce rate or when the users which are clicking on that link but does not spend much time on that particular page, then search engine will consider your content or product has a low relevancy to that keyword. So, try to improve these two factors.
    Hope this helps you to rank your keyword on the 1st page.
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    To improve keyword ranking do On-page and Off-page SEO to your website..
    In On-page SEO : Meta description,Meta Keywords,Title tags, Sitemap,Alt tag,Image optimization and h1,h2 tags..
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    Improve Google Keyword Ranking Easily:

    1.Keyword Research is Important
    2.Proper Title for Blog Posts
    3.Description Plays an Important Role
    4.Content Length and Quality Both Matters
    5.Image ALT Tags
    6.Internal Linking
    7.Build Backlinks By Commenting, Guest Posting Etc
    8.Get More Social Shares to Improve Keywords Ranking
    9.Start Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords
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    By onpage and offpage SEO, you can improve your keyword rankings. First of all, concentrate on URL structure, Meta tags and descriptions of your website. After onpage SEO, continue with off page SEO methods such as slideshare submissions, social bookmarking, forum posting, article submissions etc.
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    Follow these suggestions, and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
    1. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings
    2. Regularly updated content is viewed as one of the best indicators of a site’s relevancy, so be sure to keep it fresh.
    3. Place your keyword in page title, description and keyword metadata
    4. Focus on creating relevant links within the text
    5. Always describe your visual and video media using alt tags, or alternative text descriptions.
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  • see first off all seo is not quick operation it will take time minimum 1 month so dont be panic do continue off page activity .it will work.
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    It's very good post, i am suffering like you to improve keyword ranking. I'm working for online e-commerce battery portal "". Some keywords is stuck and not improving well, their ranking is not increase for that i am working last three months. So i also want to know some ideas, how to improve keywords rank.
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    If you wants to improve your keywords ranking then you have to work on off page and on page. Now a days quality content is the key factor of seo as well as you need to build backlinks from those website whose page rank is high.
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    It could take awhile to rank ,depending on your competitors page quality.
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    Blogging and Syndicating them helps.

    Why don't you just go to the top 10 and see what they're doing and then try to do it better. (Competitor Analysis)

    Think outside the box my friend. You got this ;-)
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    Title tag play a vital role in rankings part, don't fill your title tag with keywords come up with a descriptive way of title, not more than 60 to 65 chars, next write a description with CTA way (call to action). Now start off page activities like SBM's with unique titles and descriptions, Google Plus promotions with # tags (Really important) in different related communities daily for one week then definitely you will see good improvement in your rankings
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    Tell us all the off page activities which you do for your website. Then I will Suggest you the best idea to increase your keyword ranking.
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    give more focus on quality listing websites to improve your website SEO ranking
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