How to Gain African Wikipedia Project Backlinks

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We already know how hard it is to gain English wikipedia backlinks since the editors are really strict. But hey, you can get wikipedia backlinks from Swahili, Yoruba, Afrikaans, Igbo and Kikuyu projects. How?

1. Create account in one of these projects.
2. Search whether your prefered article topic has been written about. If for example I want to write about 'alarms' in Swahili, I will check 'kingora' which is the swahili equivalent for the same.
3. Write the article about the topic in that language. If you do not know it, write in English and ask someone to translate it.
4. Upload the translated article to Wikipedia.
5. Add your backlink url with prefered anchor text
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    Interesting and cool idea, but all external links on Wikipedia are nofollow.
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      Yes they are but I noted that most of the authoritative sites have tons of wikipedia backlinks. If you want to replicate that, try African wikipedia projects.
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    We know it is hard to gain wikipedia backlinks from mainstream languages such as English, French and Spanish.We hardly tried gaining English wikipedia backlinks and We sucked big time. The Wikipedia project has however introduced sub-projects in African languages such as Swahili, Yoruba, Afrikaans, Igbo etc.
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