What FREE keyword tool do you use for KW analysis?

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I am using Google AdWords Keyword Planner. What are you guys using? Just curious - also, is it better than Google's?


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    Nothing beats an manual review for keyword difficulty. These tools never seem very accurate to me. What is it exactly that you require? Volume? Or competition difficulty?

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    ‚ÄčIf I had to choose three keyword research tools that I use the most regularly. I'd have to choose:

    1) SEMrush - Hands down for the competitive insight. Finding what your competition are ranking for is invaluable when building out a strategy to improve organic visibility.

    2) SISTRIX - Similar to SEMRush, SISTRIX is great for competitive research, it's also good to identify historical keyword performance on certain domains which is translated into client-friendly visibility chart!

    3) Keywordtool.io - for the more long-tail variants of keywords identified by the above tools. SEO has moved on from just targeting an exact-match, vanity keyword, you've got to build long-tail context around such terms.
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    I am also using google keyword planner, And yes it is better than all other tools I have seen or used so far.
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    Hi bigcat1967,

    The best keyword tool for Keyword Analysis is Google Keyword Planner.
    But there are other Keywords Analysis tools also available over the internet like SEMrush, wordtracker, seotool.io etc
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    ahref is the best tool for keyword analysis.
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    if you are looking for a paid tool then ahref and if for free then no one can be good from google keyword planner.
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    Nothing better than Google AdWords Keyword Planner for FREE.

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    As a free tools for analysis, google keyword planner & SEMrush are the best.
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    I am also using Google AdWords keyword planner. But, I have used many tools and let me tell you one thing that no other tool is better than Google's.
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    DENSITY ANYALYZER tool is best for the keyword analysis.
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    Best free & effective tools for keywords analysis which i would like to recommend you are:
    Google AdWords keyword planner
    But among all the 3, Google keyword planner is the most effective one.
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    Wkeyfinder is one the best tool for keyword research.

    If you need only keyword search then you should focus on ahref.com
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  • Semrush, keyword planner, kwplanners and manual reserch
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