SSL certificate can help my blog to rank high?

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SSL certificate can help my blog to rank high?

Currently I use http but planning to move https is it necessary to move?

After moving it will affect my traffic?

How to get free SSL certificate for my tech niche blog?

Help please.
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    The problem is in the trust gained by the site

    I mean, if you have any commerce or people purchase in the site, Google if there's no ssl certificate in your site, it will be penalized by a message which warns the users that your site could be no safe for navigation, asking if they want to continue or not

    This could result in decrease of users retention, ranking factors.
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    FYI SSL Certificate has nothing to do with rankings. Its only a script that protects your website's information specially on transaction and confidential files. Having this SSL shows only a secured website not a way to boost your rankings.
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    SSL certificate is not directly connected with ranking but it affects your rankings.

    SSL is secured layer which protects a website. Users prefer Https sites over HTTP. so If your connection is not secured your traffic will be decreased automatically and it will affect your rankings.

    you can get free SSL certificate from
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    Yes SSL certificate is one of the factors to improve search engine rankings.

    As per major browsers update if website or web page runs on HTTP pages then they will give you warning message for your blog web pages so it's good to move to https to prevent this type of warning message and from reducing people's trust blog.

    As google gives more preferences to https pages in search engine, after moving to https will help boost ranking of the webpage that will help to increase traffic of the website.

    Many trusted SSL certificate authorities are giving free ssl certificate for some days so you can use their free SSL certificates also.
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      is it safe to go?
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        Safe for what? To use ssl certificate or to go with free ssl certificate?
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    Https means Hyper text transport protocol secure.
    Now ,
    Why https?

    It's the future of all websites
    More secure website connection preventing automated website attacks
    Google is promoting security
    In preparation of HTTP/2 (maybe)
    A minor ranking signal

    After going in https it can affect ranking. For that just check this
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    "Https helps in better rankings" is a myth
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    Yes, SSL certificates can help your blog to get high rank. SSL has real ranking factor if you install them on your website and perform the transition from HTTP to HTPPS.

    Lemosys Infotech is the leading website development company in India, We are team of dedicated web developer. Hire us to get high level IT services for your Business.

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    The thing to note is that if you have a lot of social shares prior to making the switch, it will appear as though you have lost them. The http changes to https, which is where the problem is. I solved it through Social Warefare's recapture function. I assume there are other ways. But its important to pre-think if you have lots authority on your current site.
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    In my experience I've learned that YES, getting an SSL certificate and adding it to your blog/site can in fact higher your rankings in the SERPS. The only catch is that if you have lots of websites, you will need to PAY for each certificate individually.
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    if you have ecommerce website then you must use https.
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    You should try let's encrypt it's very easy. If you need help don't hesitate to contact me.
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    Since last mouth I had seen huge decrease in google traffic due to https.
    Let's encrypt give you https fro free but you renew each 90 days.

    the link is
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    I have read that it has more of an impact on transactional sites or where personal information is submitted. If it's an info-based site, won't see much of a bump.
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