How to get Bing to spider whole site?

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So Google has a great tool to spider a page and follow all the links on it which definitely helps get a whole site read and indexed within days/weeks but Bing does not?

All I can see in webmaster tools for a Bing is a tool which lets me submit 1 url at a time with a daily limit of 10 and I think a monthly limit of 50.

This is not much use if I have a site with hundreds or thousands of pages.

It would take a year so to get Bing to read every page as I've noticed that the Bing spider is terrible compared to Google at crawling a whole site even with lots of links to the site.

The submit url tool works but is far too limited with Bing. Is there a tool for BIng to get it to read a whole site please?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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    Simply submitting your site should get Bing's spider to crawl your whole website -

    Yes, you can submit individual URLs, but if you have proper site structure, it should be able to get to every page and find every link from the main site submission.

    You should also submit your site map -
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      Dave thank you.

      Yes I have done sitemaps and submitting urls for many many websites and every time Bing only crawls the one page you tell it about.

      My sites all have clear navigation and do have inbound links from other sites to multiple pages on the site.

      I just find Bing to be useless at crawling compared to Google.

      I wish Bing had the facility for a webmaster to instruct it to crawl all links from a page just as Google does.

      I just dont know how to get a total sweep of my site done by Bing (apart from doing some mass pinging exercise which I think would be seen as spammy by Bing anyway).

      Any ideas anybody please?
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    Generate the sitemap for your website and submit it to the bing. In sitemap of your website carried all the links which are on your site. So bing spider will then easily crawl all your links.
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    You have submit your site in to Bing Webmaster tools to get index regularly.
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