9 Ways to built High Quality Backlinks to any website.

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Hey guys once again bala here

You heard about high quality backlinks is only the best long-term and stable way to stand on top of the google Search Engine.

"Best high quality backlinks always leads to high Google ranking"

Best search Engine Ranking Factors
On-page optimization
Domain and hosting
Social Media Performance
Domain Trust and authority
Link Popularity
Anchor Text of External Links to the page.

In this post, I am going to show you a very best link building methods. If you will apply these below methods to your sites you site ranking will improve for sure.

These methods will work even for long time. If Google algorithm will change also it will work.

1. Create good content to attract backlinks.
The main reason why most people won't get good high quality backlinks because of spun articles or poor content
Popular blogs won't accept your content if it maximum use links for affiliate products or link back to their websites in their content.
Always keep in mind your content must have lot of images, snapshots, reference from popular blogs and always spilt your content like giving value to your clients.

2. Broken Link Building methods.
One of the most effective and easiest methods to high quality links to your sites.
Broken link building methods is very simple you have to find dead or broken links in the dead page.
Lot of free tools available easy to find broken links just search on Google .you will find more.
For Examples
"Your niche + related website"
"Your niche + favourite sites"
"Your niche + links"
After finding your broken link just contact site owner and tell about broken links and you just tell them please include some free resource that help for people and share your links.

3. Blog aggregator website to get backlinks.
Blog aggregator plays a vital role in building link to your sites.There are some free and paid blog aggregators available.
Free resources

Paid Resources
Blogsearch engine

4. Guest posting
Guest posting is one of the most effective and powerful Method to get high quality backlink to your website.First try to find top blogs in your niche that have lot of authority.In those blogs you will see become a contributor, guest posts or write for us. Use these links and contact them and write good guest posts. It's very easy and effective methods.

5. Infographics
Inforgraphics is otherwise known as information graphics
Infographics is visual representations of complex concepts into simple visual easy graphics. If you create good infographics on your sites with lot of information. Bloggers want to share your infographics .so from infographics you get more backlinks to your blogs.

6. Testimonials
Testimonials are very easy method to build backlinks to your websites. For example if you found any website or product doing well. Just give a free testimonial include your name and websites. It's very easy.

7. Scoop.it
Scoop.it is a very good site to built high quality backlinks for your niche website. The platform is very simple. Simply you share content with relevant contributors. If the content is relevant it will be shared otherwise not.

8. Haro (help me out)
Haro is a very best place to get high Authority backlink to your sites.Haro is a website where journalist from different field will post questions on their doubts. If you have very good answer for their problems you can post answer. If your answer is good the big blogger share your post on their website with your links.

9. Case studies
Many top bloggers in market is always using real case studies with live proofs on any niche. Best content people like is always with proof and evidence. In many blogs you see top marketers quotes and case studies are shared. In this way you get reputation and quality backlinks for your blogs


There are some other good methods available to built high quality backlinks.I love to hear from you if you know anything.

Really thanks for your valuable time to read this post
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