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Well, I just want to know about the SEO strategies which are much effective than the others and what other steps are used in this things.
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    They are many online courses online on SEO strategies and you can also find quite a few here at the warrior forum or JVZoo if you do your due diligent. Its a lengthy knowledge that you'll have to acquire through online courses.
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    Originally Posted by NicoleRead View Post

    Well, I just want to know about the SEO strategies which are much effective than the others and what other steps are used in this things.


    There are many, many SEO strategies . . . some more effective than others . . . but learning and profiting from them will take some time and study - it's not like you "do this," "do that," and boom you get more search engine traffic. SEO results typically aren't instantaneous.

    In that vein, I will give you one tip, one that IMO is one of the very best SEO ideas I have learned after many years online. Here it is:

    Write your content, sales pages, offers, forum posts . . . everything you produce . . . with the best interest of your prospects in mind. Don't write for the search engines.

    Simple, deadly, and effective.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    There are so many SEO strategies 2017 but some are important for blogs like update and republish old blogs, Link building, the rise of voice search, switch your website to https etc. These all help to make an article very effective for web.
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    SEO strategy which I follow to rank my keywords :

    1. Keyword research (low competition high click rate)
    2. Article with keyword in title, meta tags and description
    3. have keywords in url
    4. Alt attribute if using image in article
    5. Getting niche related back links from other website.
    6. Updating old posts with new photos and filling more details.
    7. Social sharing.
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    I found the Moz articles on the beginners guide on SEO to be the most helpful in getting grasp of the foundations of SEO. Everything else is much simpler after reading through those.
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    Quality-backlinks, content, coz listing is the important in 2017.
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    SEO Strategies of 2017 are based on following points:-

    1. Optimize for mobile search and browsing
    2. Engage in intentional link building
    3. Optimize for voice search
    4. Consider using shorter URLs
    5. Local optimization is a must
    6. Focus on improving user experience
    7. Use related keywords in your content
    8. Write longer content
    9. Speed up your site
    10. Focus on user intent
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    There are a few parameters which when followed accurately will make sure that your site ranks among the top 10 of the in search , thus getting you organic traffic.
    First and foremost parameter to be considered is the age of the DOMAIN. The more the age , the easier it is to rank.
    Make sure your websites PAGE LOAD speed is accurate enough and it does not take much time to load.
    Your websites TITLE plays a major role. Make sure you do a proper analysis on the keywords and select the keywords most relate-able to your business.
    Use this keyword as your H1 tag. Also repeat the same keyword in the content of the website not more than 2-3 times. Over optimization of the content is also not good.
    Following these strategies will make sure your local SEO is done.
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    You know the latest update on Google about Ranking? Google focus now mobile frank website. If any website is not like this, Then it's too difficult to take rank on Google.
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    Yes, absolutely that's true.
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    A user-friendly website is the most important latest update by Google. so first focus on on-page strategies.
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