What's The Safest Way To Build Backlinks in 2017?

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So for the last few months I've been getting back into blogging.

A lot of things that I blog about I rank for on the first page within days... even hours of writing.

This is with zero backlinking.

But lately, I've noticed that I get on there and then my stuff literally disappears. Not a few pages either. I mean it disappears to the point where I can search 20 pages deep and GONE. Nowhere to be found.

Then in a week or two it comes back again.

But my thing is backlinks.

Obviously, none of us have the time to write 5000 articles about EVERY article that we want to rank for. I was just doing some research and found that this particular person in my niche who seems to rank #1 for everything has about 40k backlinks going to his site.

My site has less than 1000.

The funny thing is that I rank unusually well. So I know that having more backlinks is most likely the solution for my challenge.

So where can I buy backlinks that will not get me penalized and work my way up into the thousands? Because I know for a fact that's what my main competitor is doing, and I'm tired of being beat in the rankings.

I need a solid source. I'm afraid to use places like Fiverr.
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