How many types of keywords are there in SEO?

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There are many types of keyword in SEO. But how i can understand which keyword is better for me. If my niche is hair.
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    There are certain type of keywords in SEO. These are:

    Transactional Keyword
    Commercial Keyword
    Informational Keyword
    Long tail Keyword
    Transactional- When you are at a point to buy any service or any product you search with transactional keyword.

    Commercial- When you are searching for any product or service, your intention is not to buy yet, you can buy later.

    Informational- Any keyword you use to find any general information

    Long tail- combination of keywords to create a long sentence. In 2017, this approach will be on top due to voice search.

    I hope you got some idea with this.
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    The best ones are usually buying phrases. Searches that include the words "best", "discount", "buy", "sale", "coupon", etc. are usually the ideal ones to target if there are a decent amount of searches. Those people practically have a credit card in their hands.

    Also, the more specific a query is, the more likely it will convert. Someone searching for "ball" is not as specific as someone searching for "bowling ball" which is not as specific as "brunswick bowling ball" which is not as specific as "brunswick tzone indigo swirl bowling ball". The person typing the exact product and color knows exactly what he wants and is just looking for the best place to buy it from.

    In the end, you need to weigh the number of searches for any phrase against the intent of the phrase and the level of competition on page one for the phrase to decide which ones to target.
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    When you take the time to create unique web content with specific keywords designed to boost your visibility in search results, you not only increase your search engine ranking but also increase the probability that your readers will return.
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