When hiding a page on Wordpress, how do you handle the 404?

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I am wondering how you handle a 404 error on your site when you don't actually delete a page, but temporarily hide it (making it a draft again.)

From what I can see on various posts, it would be a good idea to redirect users trying to access that page to another page that has similar content or at least the home page. That makes total sense. I'm just wondering how do I handle that seamlessly in Wordpress? Since the page exists, I don't think I can really do a redirect (both would be in conflict, right?)
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    A 301-redirect would permanently redirect any authority of that page to the new page. A 302 temporary redirect is supposed to work but many, many places are reporting that Google is now treating them the same as 301s.

    In most cases, I wouldn't do anything. You are not penalized for 404 errors.

    If it is a page that gets visited often because it is linked to prominently, you could simply copy the content and save it. Then, put some sort of explanation on the page that the content is being revised and link to another appropriate page from that page. When you are ready to revive your old content, paste it back in.
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    Just 301 redirect them. If you don't want 404 errors showing up.
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      Originally Posted by expmrb View Post

      Just 301 redirect them. If you don't want 404 errors showing up.
      Do not 301 redirect them if you are going to be recreating the pages. A 301 redirect indicates a permanent redirect to Google.

      They would eventually figure out that the 301 redirect is no longer active, but it could take weeks or even months before you would see those URLs ever indexed again.

      I would do a 302 redirect if the pages are going to be down for an extended period of time. If they are just down for a week or so, I probably wouldn't do anything.

      Do you really have to take them down at all though?
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    Simple. You keep the old page up until you have the new one done....then edit it.

    We are only talking about one lousy page.

    Even if you were completely redoing the site....you would still keep it up, then switch all at once.

    If you were redoing something that required maintenance, you would take it offline...maybe.

    One lousy page does not require any such nonsense.


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    Give them short notice about the page is in maintenance and add the search bar below notice. This will not count as 404 but informational for users and search engines too.
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