What are black hat SEO strategies? How do impact a site's ranking?

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What are black hat SEO strategies? How do impact a site's ranking? There are a number of techniques such as buy backlinks which are considered as black hat SEO strategies? Kindly provide a brief insight on the same.
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    Black Hat SEO techniques are the illegal techniques. Black Hat SEO means to violate the Search Engine Guidelines and do work against them.

    Some Black Hat SEO techniques are
    Doorway Pages
    Link spam
    Link Exchange
    Link Wheel etc.

    These techniques were the effective techniques in earlier of 2000 but now there is a lot of competition and quality is must so the thin content or spammy website do not rank higher on Search Engines by doing Black Hat SEO.
    It is the fastest way to rank any website on the top but not for long-term.
    Buying links is not a good idea because of the links are from the spammy website or bots. But some SEOs said that buying links from the reputed company is okay but they charges higher for the same. Personally, I do not recommended to buy the links.
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    Black hat SEO create backlinks using bot, so backlinks are of low quality and are not effective. And, Black hat SEO's first priority is search engine, because it is easy to get rank in Google, but Google is strictly against black hat.
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    Do a google search for your question - the answers of some in this thread are copy/pasted straight from sites with full info about black hat SEO
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    Black hat seo is illegal technique of seo.You will rank in short time but it will temporary.it can be harmfull for you.You will deindex from google after some time.
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    Many articles about this you just google it.
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    Black seo strategies are
    Unrelated Keywords.
    Keyword Stacking and Keyword Stuffing.
    Tiny Text, Hidden Text, and Hidden Links.
    Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages.
    Bait-and-Switch or Page Swapping.
    Duplicate Content or Mirror Site.
    Spam Blogs
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    Some of the black hat SEO Strategies.

    1. Unrelated Keywords
    2. Keyword Stuffing
    3. Hidden Links
    4. Cloaking
    5. Page swapping
    6. Doorway Pages
    7. Duplicate content
    8. Blog spam comment
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    Black Hat Seo refers to the set of practices that are used to increase the sites or the ranking of pages in search engine through the violet means of search engine services.
    Its impacts on site ranking are that it is the use of malicious SEO techniques that can have the determiner impact on organization reputation.
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