Should I use canonical for similar content topics to avoid keyword cannibalization?

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If I have an authority page for potatoes, then I write a few blog topics on potatoes, is it a good idea to canonical back to the authority page?

I understand I could merge the content onto the authority page, or make sure the blog topics have a more specific theme to them such as 'how to cook potatoes' but if there is no such theme then do I risk running into keyword cannibalization? If so, is canonical ever an answer here or is it the wrong use? Thanks
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    If there is little to no difference in the subject matter or the targeted keyword phrase, there is no reason to create it in the first place. It would be better to update the existing page with any additional information.
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    Cannibalization issues are addressed mostly with webpages and if with keywords then i don't have much knowledge regarding it. And even if keyword cannibalization exists then it is ultimately going to be targeted on your site anyhow.
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